Today’s House schedule – Do the Dems have 216 votes?

Michelle Malkin has the lowdown on what today’s schedule is in the House for the various upcoming votes related to healthcare “reform.” As you probably have already heard, “deem and pass” is off the table.

The latest news? House Dem leaders are saying they have the magic 216 number required to pass ObamaCare. Don’t believe anything until the actual vote happens, which probably won’t be until after 6 today. The liberal blog Firedoglake has been routinely updating the House Whip numbers and as of last night their numbers were different from what the Dems are saying this morning. The last several days Democrats have said they “have the votes” but it hasn’t actually been true. Is it today? No doubt there’s been a lot of soul-selling amongst the “undecideds” in order to pull them over to the “yes” side. Government at its absolute worst, and not even close to anything like what “change agent” Barack Obama promised prior to being elected President.

I won’t be around much today until after probably 5 or so. Have a lot going on today, including attending a memorial for a friend of mine’s dad who passed away earlier this week. Lord willing, I’ll be back in time to blog the vote. In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed on today’s vote, keep praying, keep protesting, and keep calling.

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12 thoughts on “Today’s House schedule – Do the Dems have 216 votes?

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  2. The majority of states are broke. They can’t afford this. That’s why everybody is lining up to sue. In addition it is plainly unconstitutional.

  3. If Congress can pass a law that compels us to buy health insurance, the coverage we are limited to “choose” from, and from which entity, then then Congress can compel us to buy a GM or Chrysler, intead of a Honda, Nissan, Toyota or even a Ford; the government can compel us to use the US Postal Service to ship packages and not UPS and FedEx. This is definitely a slippery slope if passed.

  4. Someone should pass a note to the “undecideds” that come November, all of this is ‘deemed to repeal’ anyway. So tell Pelosi and Thug Crew to stick it and vote to at least attempt to keep your job.

  5. If they have the votes, why don’t they vote!!
    If they do get the magic number 216, that will mean that 216 members will go back to 216 congressional districts, and their constituents will know that it was THEIR representative’s vote that passed the bill. In a firing squad, the shooters are handed rifles with one of them loaded with a blank, so they all can say maybe they weren’t the killer…

  6. The way we keep on talking about what’s going on, and the way things should be, tells me that deep down, we want to believe that idiots are capable of rational comprehension and therefore capable of conversion to logical thought and action. I believe that real idiots don’t know they’re idiots and that talking to them is about as effective as arguing with a rabid dog. So, what we have here, right now, is a failure to communicate. A failure which we can begin to rectify in November.

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  10. Stupak is just a typical Democrat. All of this agonizing over abortion funding was a show for the benefit of their constituents. It was all political theater, culminating in Obama issuing an Executive Order, or promising to at some point. Stupak must think his constituents are really stupid, and if they buy this, he’s right.

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