Brit Hume zings Joe Biden

From an earlier segment today on Fox News (via Kyle Drennen):

“Joe Biden buys 3 shoes at a time, 2 to wear and 1 to put in his mouth.”

Why did this come up, you may ask? Biden let the F-bomb slip during an unguarded moment today, right before our celebrity President took to the microphone to pat himself on the back on the backroom-deal-aided passage of ObamaCare. Here’s the video (listen closely at about 17 seconds in):

Here’s the NY Daily News’ report on it:

Health care reform isn’t just a big deal, it’s a “big f—ing deal.”

At least, that’s what Vice President Joe Biden thinks.

The 67-year-old former senator introduced President Obama prior to his signing of the historic health care reform bill into law on Tuesday, and let the colorful word slip while shaking the commander-in-chief’s hand.

“You did it,” Biden told his boss. “It’s a big f—ing deal.”

In response, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted: “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”

Ahhh. Such class.

Anyway, on a day when many of us are feeling a mixture of anger and sadness, thanks to the adorable Mr. Hume for providing us with a chuckle. Much needed and much appreciated.

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