Brit Hume zings Joe Biden

Posted by: ST on March 23, 2010 at 7:31 pm

From an earlier segment today on Fox News (via Kyle Drennen):

“Joe Biden buys 3 shoes at a time, 2 to wear and 1 to put in his mouth.”

Why did this come up, you may ask? Biden let the F-bomb slip during an unguarded moment today, right before our celebrity President took to the microphone to pat himself on the back on the backroom-deal-aided passage of ObamaCare. Here’s the video (listen closely at about 17 seconds in):

Here’s the NY Daily News’ report on it:

Health care reform isn’t just a big deal, it’s a “big f—ing deal.”

At least, that’s what Vice President Joe Biden thinks.

The 67-year-old former senator introduced President Obama prior to his signing of the historic health care reform bill into law on Tuesday, and let the colorful word slip while shaking the commander-in-chief’s hand.

“You did it,” Biden told his boss. “It’s a big f—ing deal.”

In response, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tweeted: “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”

Ahhh. Such class.

Anyway, on a day when many of us are feeling a mixture of anger and sadness, thanks to the adorable Mr. Hume for providing us with a chuckle. Much needed and much appreciated.

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17 Responses to “Brit Hume zings Joe Biden”


  1. Sefton says:

    If the context was “This deal screws all liberty loving Americans, just like we planned” then he’s right.

  2. proof says:

    Ah, Tailgunner Joe! Always good for a gaffe and a laugh!

  3. nina says:

    A low class jerk who has the iq of a tomato.

  4. JHE says:

    No, Joe, the big f***** deal will come when your boss tries to force Americans to buy his ObamaCare insurance under the threat of imprisonment. Political prisoners in America. I never thought I would see the day. Thank you, cockroach.

  5. NC Cop says:

    Gosh, with intelligence and maturity like THIS in charge of our nation, I don’t know why we are concerned!!!!

  6. SpideyTerry says:

    But Biden is right. It is a big deal. After all, Democrats voted to give Republicans a major victory this November.

  7. Brontefan says:

    To show you the real class and focus, note that they were gloating and congratulatinng each other instead of celebrating something great or fantastic for the PEOPLE. Nice try, Joe. Your real colors are showing.

  8. kareling says:

    Well, it’s certainly f***ing.

  9. George Ballard says:


  10. Jo says:

    Those two are just a f&%$#(g class act. Ain’t we blessed?

  11. Carlos says:

    With bumbling idiots like Slow Joe available, I have to wonder why old-time TV programs like Mayberry RFD and “Petticoat Junction” weren’t set in places that really do have people like those the programs caricatured, like Slow Joe’s home town.

    Maybe it’s ’cause, in the programs, there was always someone who had a lick of common sense and more than 1 active brain cell.

  12. bill glass says:

    Brit does seem to feel a certain freedom to now say just what he thinks…from either side of the aisle, that’s refreshing. Biden is just being Biden…I remember years ago David Brinkley let a few quips slip as he was on the way out the door, but Brit will be with us, I’m sure, for a long time.

  13. Lorica says:

    Breitbart is reporting John Dingell has admitted that this Healthcare “reform” law is about controlling the people. Tell us something we didn’t know Mr. Dingell. – Lorica

  14. nina says:

    Bieden is an embarrassment .

  15. Carlos says:

    And Duh-1 isn’t, Nina?

  16. Jim says:

    Nina – You have just insulted every tomato I know. How about the IQ of a rock, but then let’s don’t insult them either.

  17. puffpiece says:

    “Joe Biden buys 3 shoes at a time, 2 to wear and 1 to put in his mouth.” =))

    Biden is the gaffe that keeps on giving.