Wednesday night chuckle: Tax cheat House rep. sends out … tax reminders to constituents

ST reader Leslie talks about a recent mailer he received from his Congressional rep:

I received a mailer from my Representative.

The handsomely printed brochure (in English and Spanish) reminds us on its graphically interesting (although there is perhaps a typeface or two too many) that we have until April 15 to file our taxes. And then urges us to “Look inside for ways to get money back.”

Then there is a tagline telling us that this is a “message from Congressman . . . representing New York’s 15th Congressional District.” To the immediate right is his picture. It depicts him with a few more pounds and a bit more hair than he currently sports.

I saw this and laughed. Why? You may well ask.

Well the Congressman in the picture, the very fellow who represents NY15, is none other than


Charles Rangel!

Heh. Priceless. Did you place it in File 13, Les? ;)

Rangel relaxes
Rangel naps at his 'tax-free' Dominican Republic hideaway. Please make sure to pay your taxes by April 15 to help fund more tropical getaways for this hardworking Congressman.
Photo via Splash News/Daily Beast

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