3 thoughts on “LAT

  1. Well, why not? Clearly California’s political class is stoned out of their minds, so why not everyone else?

  2. Yes, YES! Because the right of every American to get high is TRULY one of the pressing issues to our nation at this point in time.

    Can we FORCE California to secede?

  3. So will you be able to smoke a J in public?? If so I find it odd that you would be able to smoke dope in public but not tobacco. Isn’t anyone worried about the effects of 2nd hand smoke?? I also thought that marijuana was higher in tar than cigarettes, which would increase cancer rates. I really have no love for California, if it did decide to seperate from the rest of us, or slide into the ocean, I don’t really know if I would be regretful in anyway. – Lorica

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