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Posted by: ST on March 30, 2010 at 7:37 pm

Waxman Convenes the First Death Panel
The chairman is denouncing businesses for complying with the law.

– from John Fund’s Wall Street Journal piece on Rep. Henry Waxman’s demand that businesses that are being openly critical of ObamaCare’s negative impact on their finances explain themselves before a House panel.

Hits the nail on the head, doesn’t it?


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3 Responses to “Headline of the day”


  1. This kind of stuff is why I refuse to apologize for any alleged racism or threats from the right. These bastards make my blood boil. Now if you criticize a government policy you can get hauled up before Congress? This government is getting more outrageous everyday.

    Hey Waxman, here’s your explanation-we criticize Obamacare because we damn well want to, and because its our right to do so.


  2. I’m seriously hoping the CEO’s go up there and smack the Democrats like Waxman around with the hard cold facts of reality, such as that this health plan will cause comapnies like AT&T, with over 281,000 employees, to dump their insurance offerings, rather than take a chance that they will get hit with the $750 per employee fine for every employee if just one gets insurance through the exchange.

    about 20% to 25% of our retail sales employees are part timers. Insurance for them is offered, but way more expensive, so few get it. Many are college students, so, they often get it through mommy and daddy. And, young, so they feel invincible. But, if just one gets it on their own outside of the company, the company would pay around $211 million for the fine. Why take the chance? Not that I make policy, but, we need the part timers more, though, instead, we could convert the positions to full timers, which, of course, means many of the existing part timers would not be able to keep the job because of school, other jobs, mommying, etc.

    How’s that hopey changey working out for ya?