Disgusting: NYT compares Tea Party to Weathermen

Make sure to read the article, and check out the photos.

No, it’s not surprising but despicable nevertheless. The Weathermen were all about violence to in order to force their viewpoints on others (exactly like Islamofascists), where as the very few isolated incidents of “rage” perpetrated by Tea Partiers is just that – very isolated. But don’t expect the NYT to acknowledge that (and don’t expect them to acknowledge that certain radical left wingers these days aren’t exactly paragons of peace, either). They, like the administration and its minions in the House and Senate, would rather smear opponents of ObamaCare and big government in general as “dangerous, racist anti-government” types. Neither the NYT, nor Obama, nor Democrats in Congress have been able to sell this monstrosity of a bill on its “merits” so they’re doing the only thing they can do: Try and take the focus off of what’s actually in the bill and switch it to demonizing any and all of its opponents.

Robert Stacy McCain has a pretty definitive smackdown of the NYT’s comparison by refreshing their minds on exactly what the Weather Underground was about vs what the Tea Party movement is about today.

And hey, since when did the NYT get into portraying Bill Ayers in a negative light, anyway? :-?

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