VIDEO: President Obama throws the first pitch at Nationals’ home opener – AP spins

Continuing a 100 year Presidential tradition:

WASHINGTON — A hundred years after President William Howard Taft started a baseball tradition with a low ceremonial first pitch, President Barack Obama went in the other direction Monday, sailing a high, wide toss at the Washington Nationals’ home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Just as Taft’s toss forced pitcher Walter Johnson to make an athletic play, Obama’s required Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to lunge to prevent a wild pitch.

Check out this spin, from the same report:

Obama received a loud ovation from the packed crowd, with a few boos scattered in. Earlier, a video montage of presidential pitches in Washington elicited boos when it showed former President George W. Bush.

Er, um, watch the video and tell me if that sounds like a “loud ovation” with a “few boos scattered in”:

The Political Punch blog reported:

Preceding his pitch, while on the mound he pulled out a black Chicago White Sox cap – smiling wide at his allegiance – as boo’s flooded the stadium.

A short play by play, via The Politico:

Obama drew a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd as he strolled out onto the field wearing a Chicago White Sox cap in a nod to his hometown team. It was his first trip to the stadium since taking office.

“A little high and outside,” Obama remarked after his pitch.

And, too far to the left … surprise, surprise.


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