Remember November

Posted by: ST on April 25, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Speaks for itself:

(via Cassy Fiano)

Something else to remember in November: Seen those cutesy ads from GM about how they have supposedly “paid off” their government bailout loan? The administration is touting the announcement as a “validation” if the “difficult decision” they made last year to bail out GM but the claim itself is not true. GM is still, in effect, Government Motors.

Obama, while using the opportunity to push once more for permanent bailout authority Wall Street “reform,” claims he’s happy to see the government “getting out” of the auto industry’s business. Apparently he’s hoping he can still fool as many people this election year as he did in 2008.

Let’s hope not.

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16 Responses to “Remember November”


  1. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    Oh..I won’t forget. I’ll never forget what this bully punk and the rest of his tribe of creeps stands for and that my voice must be heard.

    The other day a colleague told me what a menace these Tea Party people are. I said WHAT? Nevermind that a many of them are WAY over you really think they pose a physical threat to people? He .. smelled bad .. and being the polite lady I am, just told him this conversation needs to stop. I couldn’t tell him that his ideas stunk..and that he smelled bad too.

  2. Chris in NC says:

    Yeah, but… Where is their moral authority to speak about stopping abuses and spending and stuff when THEY did it when THEY had the power and were almost as bad as the current democrats. Only the national rage and outcry stopped W’s amnesty. We couldn’t stop the tacking on of billions to Medicare for a drug plan. Harriet for the SCOTUS. Green energy wastes of money. Sealing off the oil drilling (remember W saying we have to kick our oil addiction?) Bailouts (W’s infamous “I’ve abandoned free market principals to save the free market” which is possibly the single dumbest sentence ever uttered). The list goes on. The only difference that I’ve seen is that Bush did it with strictly more debt, Obama’s going to do it with more taxes and more debt.

    The republicans are the minority because they didn’t deserve to be the majority anymore. If a third party could pop up some decent people with money that say they’ll cut spending (not just reduce the increases) and they’ll cut federal overreaching, they’d win in November and rightly so. Neither of the 2 majors deserve a vote cast for them.

  3. Carlos says:

    I worked for the county for 10 years, my wife for 30. I got in trouble once for “sexual harassment,” charges that were later withdrawn with apology. Turns out the complainant lady didn’t like my politics (I wasn’t shy about talking about such things, and I also happen to live in a VERY liberal town in a very blue state) so she included me on a list of people she flat out just didn’t like.

    Where does that fit into this? It’s all about tolerance and diversity and getting along together. Unless you happen to disagree with the tolerance crowd, like Zippy. Then hell won’t have it if you so much as make a peep about how crappy the guvmint is and that most of its functions are simply A) a way to control other peoples’ lives and B) a way to keep those who are essentially incompetent off the regular welfare roles and off the streets.

    I, we, will remember this November.

  4. James says:

    Yes,the Republicans deserved to lose when they did, and they deserve oprobrium for what their defeat unleashed on this country. However, the Republican party is our only hope of stopping the madness.

    Republicans may yet snatch defeat from the victory. Many of the left are political bigots, and if they institutionalize their power, this will eventually end badly.

    I will remember November too.

  5. proof says:

    When GM pays back the government with more money it borrows from the government, that’s like trying to pay off your credit card with your credit card.

    I’ve referred to Obama as a “Potemkin President”. Looks like GM is simply in on the deception.

  6. In states where there are competitive districts, voting for the third party candidate when there is a decent chance of a GOP pick up would be like handing the seat to Democrats, insuring more votes for Pelosi and Reid-type “leaders” in the House and Senate for years to come, along with allowing more of an opportunity for radical judicial nominees to sail through the Senate, and continued out of control taxing and spending that makes Bush and his various Congresses look like deficit hawks by comparison.

    The Tea Party movement is primarily – at this point – working mostly within the GOP to try and get them back on track, and I think (hope) it’s working. All we can do is try. Not only that, but it’s not just fiscal responsiblity we need to get back to, but also a sane, sound, and strong foreign policy, especially in dealing with Islamofascism. That’s not going to happen if we have more Democrats in the House and Senate after this fall’s elections.

    We’ve got too big an opportunity to take back at least one chamber of Congress this fall (or at least put a serious dent in the majority) to risk it on “teaching the GOP a lesson” by voting for a third party candidate who most likely will not have a chance to win.

    And before anyone else says it, yes, I know that at one time the Republican party was a third party but times have drastically changed since then and it’s much harder today for a third party candidate to be successful than it was back then.

    The GOP has some solid conservative to slightly moderate candidates in a lot of competitive districts across the country. I hope third party candidacies don’t blow their chances to win. I’m convinced, in fact, that the Libertarian party was the reason Obama won this state. Bob Barr didn’t have a chance in you know where of winning, but got over 23,000 votes in the 2008 election here. Just 15,000 of those going to McCain would have kept Obama and the MSM from being able to exclaim with delight that Dems switched this formerly safe red state to blue. I pray that doesn’t happen again.

  7. Pasadena Phil says:

    Bob Barr didn’t have a chance in you know where of winning, but got over 23,000 votes in the 2008 election here. Just 15,000 of those going to McCain would have kept Obama and the MSM from being able to exclaim with delight that Dems switched this formerly safe red state to blue.

    I know you won’t like this but I voted for Bob Barr in 2008 and would again. The problem is not that Obama won and so many states turned blue, but the the Republicans ran McCain and so deserved to lose. And despite the 2006 and 2008 self-inflicted catastrophes, the party is being led by the very same morons again.

    IMHO, it is absolutely essential that 2010 be about ridding the one-party system of incumbents. A historic anti-incumbent wave will not topple the conservatives but will make them work harder. Otherwise, the Dems will lose more seats than the Reps and so the GOP wins but with a radically new face and message delivered.

    If we fail to reform the GOP this year, I plan to be all 3rd party all the time going into 2012.

    As to my ballot come November, the GOP’s best candidate for governor was one of Barbara Boxer’s biggest supporters. The RNC is supporting “girl power” liberal Carly Fiorina over true-blue conservative Chuck DeVore. The other GOP candidate Tom Campbell is a squish. All three are polling ahead of Boxer. Were the RNC to switch support to DeVore, he would win in a landslide like Mark Rubio in FL. But the Stupid Party….

    Fiorina’s biggest criticism against her two GOP opponents is that they are men running to win a “woman’s seat”. Oy.

    My own congressman Adam Schiff (D) is being challenged by another GOP cardboard cutout.

    It is inexcusable for California, where the percentage of conservative Republican voters rivals that of any state, to not have a Republican party. Inexcusable. Am I angry at the GOP? What do you think? I’m 3rd party until given a darn good reason to not be. Chuck DeVore is the only reason for me to vote Republican and that is in the primary. If he loses, I will not vote for a single Republican on my ballot. (Jerry Brown has the NRA endorsement BTW so why vote for Dede Scozzafava Meg Whitman?

  8. PE says:

    NOVEMBER: Deliverance from EVIL. Exorcism by ballot.

  9. Jo says:

    My biggest fear is that the Tea Party movement will split the conservative vote in November and beyond and these radical leftist Socialists will be handed the dictatorship they so intend to have on a silver platter.

    And amnesty? That’s a huge block of potentially Democrat voters so, hey, we will have amnesty under this arrogant prick.

  10. Lorica says:

    Amen Dear!!! We do need to continue to make the Republican party strong by providing them direction and principles. If we conservatives abandon the GOP we both will be lose, and the Dem party will only become stronger. We are looking at some huge pieces of legislation in the coming years and we need strong Republican conservatives to defeat these pieces of c**p. Amnesty, Energy reform and Tax reform are just a few of the crazy ideas these people have on their agenda.

    Ohhhh Yeah, I will remember this November. – Lorica

  11. Paul says:

    Obama nevr met a camera or a prompter than he didn’t like ! He’s leading us to the Poor House !

  12. Tom TB says:

    We need to remember September first! The primary elections are critical in most states, if we are going to oust the incumbents.

  13. Drew says:

    As your resident friendly private equity guy, let me weigh in on one of the long forgotten problems with the GM bailout – despite the current love in the air.

    The fact is that the claims of senior secured creditors were thrown out in favor of unions and government. For those of you not steeped in the lending world, secured claims are viewed as the holy grail: YOU GET PAID FIRST. And you price your loans appropriately

    Team Obama threw that out and told the lenders they had to take a hair cut, and gave their claims in part to the unions and to govt.

    This may not resonate with you, but suppose you made a loan to a friend at 2%. Then your friend got another loan at 10%, but agreed to pay you first. After all, you only get 2%, but you are paid first.

    Then your friend tells you, hey, I’m only paying you back 50 cents on the dollar, and the other guy gets 33 cents. Tough shirt. You say: what the hexx??

    That’s what Team Obama did to the banks. So if you were a bank, would you agree to lend at 2% the next time??

    I don’t think so. And that’s a problem for credit seeking businesses.

    Endeth the credit lesson.

  14. Carlos says:

    Yeah, and when GM (or Chrysler too, for that matter) pays all their creditors back, then I may, MAY consider owning a GM or Chrysler product again.

    But I won’t hold my breath for paying back the creditors Duh-1 stiffed, and I certainly won’t pay good cash money for a piece of union crap put together in this good ol’ US of A when it was the unions who basically told the good ol’ US of A to take a hike.

    And they wonder why I hate unions so bad?