NC Primary Day 2010 (UPDATES)

Vote 2010Update 2 – 10:27 PM: Great night for Ilario Pantano in NC 7 as he defeated character assassin Will Breazeale handily. Pantano will go on to face incumbent Rep. Mike McIntyre for a seat that has been in Dem hands for what seems like forever. NC-8 will likely see a runoff as no candidate has made it to the 40% mark. Tim D’Annunzio leads, and Harold Johnson is a close second. Democrats will likely have a runoff next month between NC Sec. of State Elaine Marshall and Cal Cunningham in the race to beat incumbent GOP Senator Richard Burr.

On a local local level, I was happy to see Dem corruptocrat and incumbent state House Rep. Nick Mackey (district 99) get defeated today. Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye :)


Update 1 – 7:51 PM: Polls closed at 7:30 and the results are starting to roll in. Here’s a comprehensive link that details the results of all statewide races in NC. Meck. County-area primary results can be found here and here.


It’s primary day in three states today: North Carolina, Indiana, and Ohio – states Obama flipped to blue in 2008. Voter turnout in my county – Mecklenburg – has been light so far. The county Board of Elections estimates the turnout as of 2 pm was around 10%, and that they are hoping for around 15% by the time the polls close at 7:30 pm. As for statewide turnout, the State BOE is not predicting anything higher than 12%

The state Republican party is enthusiastic and fired with hope that they will have a real opportunity to take back the state House and Senate in the fall elections, and they are, for the first time in like forever, challenging every single Democrat Senate seat:

In Raleigh, every seat in the State House and Senate is up for grabs. Both houses are now controlled by the Democrats. For the first time in modern history, Republicans are challenging Democrats in every 50 seat in the state Senate.

“We have a very good chance of getting a majority in the House and Senate in the General Assembly,” said GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer. “Again, that would be the first time since the 19th Century that’s occurred.”

I hope they can, especially considering the persistent culture of corruption that exists amongst Democrat politicos and other prominent Democrats in this state (very recent case in point).

Anyway, I’ve proudly voted in the primary already. Upon arriving at my polling place to vote, I was practically ambushed with what turned out to be Democrat campaign workers, who were out in full force. Here’s all the “literature” I received:

Dem literature
Flyers for Democrat candidates

I do hope they all saw my Sarah Palin bumper sticker amidst the dust trail I left behind when I peeled out of the parking lot ;)

I’m excited, not so much about my US House District (12 – Mel Watt’s, where only 1 in 4 voters are Republican and the majority of voters are black, which is the reason why it was gerrymandered) but about US House Districts 7 and 8, where I’m hoping to see Ilario Pantano and Harold Johnson win respectively. There’s a real possibility that the NC-8 race will go to a runoff as there are six candidates in the mix and one of them has to make it to 40% to avoid a June 22 runoff. And in NC-7, Win or lose, Pantano will hold a webcast tonight at 10 PM, which you can view on his website.

The big race Democrats are watching will be to see who the Democrat will be to take on incumbent US Senator Richard Burr. From the Charlotte Observer:

Incumbent Richard Burr is expected to easily win the Republican primary, but recent polls indicate the Democratic race could be tight. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and former state Sen. Cal Cunningham will try to scramble up enough votes to avoid a runoff, while Chapel Hill attorney Ken Lewis has the endorsement of some prominent African-Americans.

Yeah … like Mel Watt.

Anyway, if you’re a North Carolina voter eager to watch primary election returns as they roll in tonight, WCNC has a couple of results pages you can view here. You can also track results via the Cabarrus County BOE website.

I’ll be around off and on to live Tweet the goings on after the polls close at 7:30.

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