“Pakistani-American” arrested in connection w/ attempted car bomb attack

Posted by: ST on May 4, 2010 at 7:37 am

Via the Washington Post (hat tip):

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced early Tuesday that an arrest had been made in the failed Times Square car bombing, saying that Faisal Shahzad, a 30-year-old American, was taken into custody at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he tried to fly to Dubai on Monday night.

Authorities said Shahzad, who is of Pakistani origin and lived in Connecticut, had paid cash for a Nissan Pathfinder that was found packed with explosives Saturday night on a tourist-crowded block in midtown Manhattan. The vehicle was set ablaze but failed to detonate.

Officials located Shahzad after a sweeping two-day investigation that yielded what senior Obama administration officials described as a flood of international and domestic clues suggesting a plot involving more than one person.

“It was clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans,” Holder said at a rare middle-of-the-night news conference at the Justice Department, nearly three hours after the suspect was pulled from an international flight that had already left the departure gate.

Shahzad has family links to the southern port city of Karachi, according to Dawn television, an English-language station in Pakistan. Shahzad flew to Karachi in July 2009 on Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline of the United Arab Emirates, and returned to the U.S. via the same airline on August 5, the station said, citing unnamed sources.

Pakistani officials said U.S. authorities have asked for their help investigating Shahzad.

This is great news, and I hope the Feds have indeed got “their guy,” and I also hope that he leads them to other Islamofascist terrorists who were involved in this plot and perhaps who have been in the proceess of planning future terror attacks on Americans and other innocents both on our soil and abroad.

That said, I won’t hold my breath waiting for apologies from Democrat strategist Bob Beckel and Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler, both of whom yesterday suggested the Times Square bomber might well have been part of some “right wing” plot. Liberal NYC Mayor Bloomberg speculated it might be someone who “didn’t like the healthcare bill.” Beneath contempt all.

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15 Responses to ““Pakistani-American” arrested in connection w/ attempted car bomb attack”


  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    How many jihadist attacks on US soil does that make now since the Messiah began his Reign? Perhaps if the Holder Justice Department was not so busy investigating 80-year-old grandmothers and American soldiers for evidence of “racism” …..

    My guess is that the “lone wolf” theory so favored by liberals will squash any investigation into this terrorist’s al Qaeda ties. None of or Dear Leader’s satraps wants to admit they were wrong.

  2. Kate says:

    I am sure that Holder was “holding” his nose as he even mentioned the words “terrorist plots” and the fact that this was no some “amateur”. Now I am hearing that three passengers were pulled off the plane, not just one.

    So what do you think they will use to induce these people to spill the beans….did they arrest them and give them a lawyer yet?

    And by the way, what happened to Hassan the rouge terrorist of the Army?

  3. Tango says:

    …one only has to look at how the Ft Hood shooter has been handled to know how they’ll deal with this guy. 8-|

  4. Zippy says:

    What’s more frightening than this is that there are more homegrown fanatics as well as outsiders who are relentless. If people hate the U.S. so much (and that includes Americans who believe America is evil) then they should just take their a$$es elsewhere and see how they are received.

    A friend of mine who works Federal Government told me that there are more ‘secret high alerts’ than the rest of us citizens would ever know about. Now that is frightening.

  5. Carlos says:

    Zippy, of course there are more “high alerts” than we would ever know about.

    You just can’t imagine how many TEA partiers on JanNap’s terrorist list have to go to fed buildings daily…

  6. James says:

    Pakistanis have arrested a possible co- conspirator, and they claim others may be arrested later.

    The inuendo against the Tea Party and their allies shows the Democrats fear them, at least as much as they fear terrorists.

  7. Gator says:

    There are a few questions that need answering and the Barry Regime had better not get a free pass on them from the MSM.

    Why was this person’s passport not flagged as soon as we knew he was a “person of interest”? It’s obvious it wasn’t because the suspect was already ON the plane and it had left the departure gate!

    Will Janet Napolitano still be on the short list for a Supreme Court nomination after she gives the inevitable “the system worked” statement which is, obviously, again the result of sheer luck and fine law enforcement work vice any competence on the part of Homeland Insecurity?

    Vice attempting to lay this at the feet of a “lone wolf” or allowing their lap dogs in the MSM to put forth the “theory” that the bomber was probably a “right winger” who was mad about the passage of the Health Care affront, how about the MSM holding this regime to the same standard they held the last administration to regarding terrorists? Witness that boob, Harry Smith, positing that it is “inevitable” that we will have a successful terrorist attack in the U.S. Why does that sound so much like the “if it’s inevitable, like back and enjoy it” comment that caused, rightfully, such an uproar years ago referring to rape?

    It will be interesting to watch this unfold in the days, weeks and years to come.

  8. Zippy says:

    LOL Carlos. I shiver at the thought of the most frightening group of all..The Tea Party Movement.

    *Zippy, formerly known as ZippyTheWerewolf due to issues of feeling self conscious for being known as the hairiest poster on here*

  9. Carlos says:

    Eric Holder: Liar liar, pants on fire!

    The attempt to blow up Times Square FAILED – it was not “halted” as Holder said today.

    Watch for this spin to increase. Why does it matter? Because 5 months from now all the jackass candidates are going to be singing the praises of a failed administration and its failed policies, and this is simply one more example of that.

  10. Drew says:

    “That said, I won’t hold my breath waiting for apologies from Democrat strategist Bob Beckel and Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler, both of whom yesterday suggested the Times Square bomber might well have been part of some “right wing” plot. Liberal NYC Mayor Bloomberg speculated it might be someone who “didn’t like the healthcare bill.””

    AND, my rapidly becoming favorite blogger for trafficing in pure common sense, don’t hold your breath for the MSM to wake up and ask “why were those reckless charges made!?”

    And for salt in the wound, I heard the Holder statement. He referred to the charges against the Swedish (snicker) terrorist to include posession of weapons of mass destruction. Aha!! So a car bomb is WMD……….but Sadaam had none. Got it.

    You know where this is going: Obama the great protected us from WMD.

    Laugh, or cry??

    We have no journalists anymore.

  11. Zippy says:

    There’s no sanity anymore Drew.

    Each day, new revelations continue to baffle me. How did it get this far? How much farther can it go? Surely it cannot continue in this imbecilic way.

    I’m appalled that Bloomberg would even make such a comment regarding ‘someone dissatisfied with healtcare’. Why on Earth would he or should he even speculate or project that type of thought. That’s irresponsible. It only deepens the wound and intensifies the idiocy.

  12. Carlos says:

    If Rush, or Glenn, or Sean had made such an outrageous statement yesterday (“I wonder if they would consider the perpetrator of this dastardly deed an Islamic extremist?”), they would have been publicly crucified, and rightly so.

    But the fact that a jackass makes a similar assumptive statement leaves the MSM just shaking their collective head and wishing the jackasses had been right. For once.