Sister Toldjah debuts at NRA convention (OPEN THREAD)

NRA Convention 2010Well, sorta ;)

The NRA convention is in Charlotte this year, and thanks to some prodding by ST reader and gun enthusiast (and fellow NC resident) XRLQ, and Bitter B, also a passionate gun rights activist, I decided to go. This in spite of the fact that I do not own a gun, have never touched a firearm outside of a rifle my dad used to keep around years ago to hunt – and later scare boyfriends with, and probably never will own a gun. But none of that really matters, because in spite of all of that I strongly support our 2nd amendment rights and was willing to try to learn some new things this weekend about gun rights and gun rights activists.

Met some good folks today including XRLQ, Bitter, Cam Edwards, Dave Kopel, and Say Uncle. That’s the short list (sorry – can’t remember everyone’s names and blogs!). This is just a great group who are staunchly protective of your right to bear arms and who know how to make legal arguments in favor of keeping things that way. Hope to meet up with fellow Charlottean Gay Patriot and some others later this week. Heard Jim Geraghty is in attendance but have not seen/met him yet.

There will be a lot of NRA activities tomorrow (Friday) outside of the main floor show, but I’ll be hauling my bootie over to Time Warner Cable Arena to watch speeches by Rep. Mike Pence, Lt. Col. Olllie North, and Gov. Sarah Palin (among many others?). I can’t wait! Hope to get some good photos. The speeches will go on til 4:30 and I think after that I’ll probably head back here to the house and take a breather for the evening, post a few pictures, get a good night’s sleep, and possibly walk the floor of the Convention Center Sat. afternoon to get the full-scale feel for what an NRA convention is like.

I’ll be there as a member of the media so hopefully I’ll be able to blog some from the TWC arena event. Whether I can or not, ST reader Anthony has graciously agreed to hold down the fort here and make sure comments stuck in moderation are released, and maybe even guestblog a little bit (thank you kindly, sir!). If I’m able to utilize the laptop, the best way to follow my activities tomorrow afternoon will be via Twitter. I will try to check in here as well. If you want to check out what others who are there are saying about the convention, make sure to visit here or use the Twitter hashtag #nraam.

Have a great Friday, y’all, and wish me luck :D

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