Your Sunday Chris Christie fix

Posted by: ST on June 6, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Refreshing, open, honest, up front, blunt (via ST reader and NJ resident GWR):

Where has this guy been all my life??

Never seen a politico in modern day politics take on teacher unions like he is. The chatter on Twitter is that this is the number one most important discussion we should have in this country today: Are unions really good for America? Or bad?

Your thoughts?

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15 Responses to “Your Sunday Chris Christie fix”


  1. jannn says:

    They have ruined them from their original purpose of course. Now they are very BAD :-w Enough already!!!

  2. jannn says:

    And another thing I finally put my youngest child into a charter school and he is doing 10x better than he was doing. They are ahead of the curriculum of the total government facility and that is such a relief to me as a mom and a citizen of CA. But of course the school didtrict is trying to take away my choices and in CA they are on a roll. If we want to save our children we MUST fight this!! Gosh I love this man :x I hope he runs for something in higher office!

  3. Now there’s a real American! The NJEA is incredibly agitated toward him because he’s right. Unions are bad for America. Bet he could stop the BP oil spill! Bet he could stop Barack Obama in 2012 also if he wanted to. Awesome! Thanks ST.

  4. NC Cop says:

    Yes!! I have a reason to be proud that I am from New Jersey!!!!

  5. Old Goat says:

    I think that there is still some good that comes out of unions, but overall, they have become too powerful within their various trades to a point where they are killing the industries they work in.

    Far too often they protect the absolute worst of workers while the punish workers who look to do the right thing for the customer. They are set up to be socialistic while taking advantage of the capitalist system.

    They have ruined the auto industry, hurt construction to a point, especially during economic down times, and in the case of education have caused a stranglehold of leftist thinking educators that are teaching our youth.

    Education really needs to have a new way of doing things, yet their solution is always spend more money on the same systems that have produced poor results.

  6. Anthony says:

    Unions, in their basic function of protecting workers from abusive employers and advocating for higher wages and better working conditions, have been a good thing. However, like any institution of Man they can become corrupted from their original purpose. Then, like overly large government or corporations that are too powerful, they become harmful.

    In California at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries, the railroads owned the government and ran it for their benefit, not the people’s. A series of reforms rammed through by Progressives (yes, I’m actually praising them! :"> ) broke the railroad’s power and restored government to the people. Similarly, unions here and in the nation’s capitol have grown too powerful. Their more about the taking and keeping of power and enriching the bosses than about protecting their workers. So, we need to undertake reforms to restore the system’s health.

    And, boy, do I ever envy Jerseyites their governor.

  7. Great White Rat says:

    And all that without a teleprompter anywhere in the room. :d

    Finally in NJ we have some hope for real change for the better.

  8. Jo says:

    Unions have ruined the country. Period. And I am sick of the entitlement mentality of our ‘venerated’ pseudo intellectual so-called ‘educators’ thinking they deserve administrative salaries well above what some private business owners and CEO’s of corporations make, a golden parachute lifetime retirement and insurance deal and then in SC the TERI program where they can retire and receive their full retirement benefits and come right back into the coffers making a very plush salary and knocking a younger person out of a job opportunity. In our district alone we have a $32 million budget for two high schools, two intermediate schools and five elementary schools and 80% goes to salaries. And the lionshare of that goes to at least 15 ‘administrators’ including sevral ‘assistant superintendents’ who do not even interact in any way with students. It is breaking the state. And when they make the necessary cuts, it will be to the arts programs that benefit children–not to their cushy packages.

  9. Kate says:

    Unions had their place is time…for the overall working conditions, work safety and pay/benefits in large industries that actually produced things. But as history teaches us, they became overbearing and a weight on the industry itself, causing many industries to close their doors because of the exorbitant demands.

    Now that the government has become a watchdog for workplace safety, etc. Unions have lost some of their teeth and are not so necessary. People now a more willing to speak up and take action against unsafe working conditions.

    As we have seen industry leave due to unionization, we are now seeing the lowering of educational standards due to unionization. Unions railed against the No Child Left behind policy of GWB. Why? Because expectations and standards were being placed, not just on student, but on the educators.

    As Gov. Christie rightly asserts….the teachers are not the problem, the unions are. Union leaders are milking the taxpayer dry and driving their BMV’s to the bank to cash their checks. NO wonder they are willing to spend $6 million in ADVERTISING against him. You go,Gov! He is making the unions deal with facts not propaganda. There is no running from the truth.

  10. Monica says:

    Now that is an encouraging word!

  11. Valerie says:

    I’m sick to death that in order to be paid by the state to care for my disabled son at home, I have to be a member of the union. Oh, I can say I don’t want to be a member, and then my dues would go to a ‘local charity’ chosen by the union. No thank you! If I could choose the charity myself, I’d do that in a heartbeat – but I don’t want my dues going to some bleeding heart liberal ‘Acorn’ organization.

    I sincerely hope Chris Christie decides to run for President in the not to distant future – before our country is run completely down the toilet.

  12. Carlos says:

    C’mon, folks, the teachers union is at a distinct disadvantage here. Some of the workings have to be read to be understood, and you absolutely KNOW that puts the union at a great disadvantage…

  13. Tom TB says:

    Unions are redundancy to the Nth degree. We have federal laws that limit hours of labor, OSHA regulates working conditions,there are congressionally mandated mimimum wages; EVERYTHING is already regulated by the Federal Govt., so why should anyone double-tip the shop steward?

  14. Carlos says:

    In my experience (woodworkers, steelworkers, teachers, government) unions are for only two reasons: 1) to run the company (into which they’ve never ventured a thin dime), and 2) to pad the pockets of the officers – the higher the post, the more padding.

    Socialist America – ya gotta love all the thought that goes into destroying individuality.

  15. Kirk Strong says:

    The formation of large corporate trusts in the 19th century with their predatory manipulation of markets to the disfavor of consumers led to passage of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act in 1890.

    Unions have become the predatory, monopolistic trusts of today. They no longer serve the needs of their members. They serve rather the interests of their leaders and do so to the disfavor not only of their members but of our nation as a whole.

    It’s time to bust up these labor trusts in the same way we busted up the corporate trusts of the last century. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him? Perhaps Governor Christie is the man.