VIDEO: Blame-Bush liberal physically attacks protester at Mel Watt’s G’boro office (THUR UPDATE: NEW VIDEO LINK ADDED)

Update – 6/10/10 – 5:19 PM: Please scroll down to the bottom for a video report of this incident which includes the assault footage. You Tube pulled the original video for a “terms of use” violation. Hmm …

Yesterday, concerned voters in NC’s heavily gerrymandered 12th district (that’s my district) made their voices heard at the Greensboro office of Congressman-for-life Mel Watt. I’d read on Twitter how the NC Tea Party-organized event had gotten ugly and that one person was arrested but had not seen any photos or video until now.

Take a look at the below video. About 1:26 into the clip is when the Bush-blaming liberal goes postal on a protesting constituent (language warning):

(via Atlas Shrugs)

Note how the person with the video camera gets a shot of the office’s address -that’s how I knew it was Congressman Watt’s:

301 S. Greene St.Suite 210
Greensboro, NC 27401-2615
Tel. (336) 275-9950
Fax (336) 379-9951

Also note how the guy wasn’t approached – he approached the protesters, and clearly became agitated when his “blame Bush” argument wasn’t gaining any traction.

Last I heard, the man who committed the assault yesterday in front of Watt’s office had been questioned by the police. Good. Not sure if any charges were filed or if he was actually arrested.

I doubt the way the creep handled himself is a way a majority of Watt supporters would react to a protest at Watt’s office but it’s disturbing all the same, and reminds me of the left wing/union thuggery we’ve seen either by taking over banks, or by pushing their weight around at health care townhalls and other places where voters are letting their elected representatives know how upset they are with the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda.

And they say it’s conservatives who are the “violent ones”?

Despicable incidents like these just make people more determined than ever to derail the Big Government Express before it’s too late to turn back, so if people like the man in the video who assaulted the protester thinks things like that are going to make people too fearful to get out and speak their minds, they couldn’t be more wrong.

BTW, Watt is up for re-election this year. Democrats have a 4 to 1 voter registration advantage thanks to strategic gerrymandering, so any Republican who runs is a serious long shot. There is runoff in this district to decide on the nominee will be to take on Watt. You can learn more about both candidates by visiting their respective websites: Scott Cumbie / Greg Dority.

If you’re a Republican in NC12 and want to vote in the runoff, click here for your voting location both for early voting and the actual runoff day (6-22).

Update – 8:35 PM: The NC Tea Party website has a shorter version of video that starts at the moment the guy got physical with the protester.


6/10/10 – 5:20 PM: Here’s the video report, since YouTube apparently pulled the original video due to a “terms of service” violation. The shorter version of the video is still available at the Tea Party website link above.

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