Casting call: Who should play John Edwards in upcoming biopic?

Just when you thought you’d heard all you could stand about the disgraced former Senator from NC/SC:

Aaron Sorkin — best known for creating “The West Wing” — will make his feature directorial debut with a John Edwards biopic.

Sorkin’s adapting and producing Andrew Young’s “The Politician: An Insider’s Account of John Edwards’s Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down.” Project’s not yet set up at a studio.

Young, a longtime Edwards aide, gained notoriety during the 2008 presidential primary when he admitted — then later recanted — an affair with Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter and claimed Edwards’ child from that relationship as his own.

Young’s book, released earlier this year, is Young’s account of his career with Edwards dating back to when Young volunteered for Edwards’ Senate campaign in 1988.

“This is a first-hand account of an extraordinary story filled with motivations, decisions and consequences that would have lit Shakespeare up,” Sorkin said. “There’s much more to Andrew’s book than what has been reported and I’m grateful that he’s trusting me with it.”

All right. The ball is in your court, my dear readers. Pretend you’re in charge of casting for this movie. Who would play the main characters? My vote on the actor to portray John Edwards would be the Sunsetter Retractable Awnings guy:

The only thing missing is the exaggerated Southern accent, the false sense of self-importance, the “aw shucks” look, the make-up/hair gal, and the mistress by his side.

Ok. Your turn.

“I feel pretty …”

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21 thoughts on “Casting call: Who should play John Edwards in upcoming biopic?

  1. Neil Patrick Harris. I always thought John Edwards was gay. During the 2008 primaries when the consensus was that Hillary would win it all, I often posted “It’s not so much that the Dems are about to elect the first woman president but does it have to be John Edwards?”

    Whoever gets the role, it has to be someone who is clearly gay but women think he is a hunk. Like George Michael or a young Richard Chamberlain. Guys see it instantly but women? Takes a while. It’s the “Brokeback Mountain” paradox. Hey, that could be the subtitle to the movie!

  2. People would actually spend money on garbage like this? It’s amazing how quickly fools and their money are separated.

    ‘Course,we’re talking a mostly lib audience, so I guess allowances must be made for the nearly-sentient beings…

    My vote for casting? How about Beelzebub? Except I figure that’s who’s playing Johnny already.

  3. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Carter from ‘Eureka’)Though I would be loath to see this film, Ferguson would be a very close physical match.

    Knowing Sorkin’s track record and Charlie Sheen’s dire need to make amends to get noticed or ratings. My ‘Lib Think Meter’ leans heavily in Charlie’s direction.:d


  4. Tom Cruise would be good–snarky little ‘I think I am a darling’, sawed-off whacko Hollyhoo liberal but also Ben Premo Liberal Affleck who also thinks he is God’s gift to women (and most likely men as well) would be a shoo-in.

  5. Rosie O’Donnell. In drag, of course. There’s a tremendous similarity in the dullness of their eyes, and the way they look pensive as they breathe through their mouths. Her John Edwards could do a soliloquy on the 911 conspiracy and make that the real cause of his downfall, a frame-up engineered by the conspirators. Make it a musical. Liberals like musicals.

  6. I’m with JO…Ben Aflleck would be a good choice…but who is going to pay the big $$$$ for him and why would he want to play such a dog of a part?

    That said….This could also be a really juicy role to a young unknown who want to truly play the part of a self indulgent trial lawyer…think LA Law and add politics. In short, it’s all been done before and art is just imitating life. IT will need a good “hook” to get an Audience….if a good job is done to the Edwards character which really portrays his lust for women, power and self importance it might be a good movie with a lesson to learn. A kind of the bigger they are the harder they fall and the true underlying reasoning of those who run for office as an extension of their personality versus ideology.

  7. I think we should resurrect Josh Brolin…Ohhh wait, I don’t think his Reagan character would allow that… So maybe we can get Barbra to play John Edwards…their both so pretty. – Lorica

  8. Good Lord do we need a movie about John Edwards ? That cheezy smile of his irritates me to no end ! Put him on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” – they are as phoney as he is ! :d

  9. Sitting here watching “A few good men”, and there is a point in the movie that Demi Moore calls Tom Cruise an ambulance chaser… Maybe he would make a good leading man for this movie. =)) – Lorica

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