Weekend Open Thread – and viewing info on Restoring Honor rally

Posted by: ST on August 28, 2010 at 8:44 am

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday so far. :)

Don’t forget you can catch Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally on C-SPAN starting at 10 AM ET. You can also view/read about the latest happenings via Facebook, and people are already Tweeting some pretty amazing pictures, which you can view here (refresh often).

I see the NYT is shamelessly spinning the rally as one where the Tea Party is allegedly trying to ‘claim’ MLK’s ‘mantle.’ Oh, and they threw in a not-so-little-bit in there about the accusations of racism thrown at the Tea Party, insinuating there is truth behind them.

Always trust the NYT to put the worst possible slant on anything related to legitimate conservative movements. Punks.

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16 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread – and viewing info on Restoring Honor rally”


  1. Paul says:

    This is more psuedo event than event. Read Boorstin’s book “The Image”…

  2. PE says:

    “Always trust the NYT to put the worst possible slant….” Of course. They are just carrying out their duty as Reichmeister of Information, aka the Gray Lady.

  3. your mama says:

    I hope this rally goes wonderfully smooth and the bigoted left that try to spin this get egg on their collective faces and put in their places.

  4. Brontefan says:

    I cannot help but wonder if this event was inspired by Barack Obama instead of Glenn Beck–would so many be looking for the negative components?? I heard what ABC News did yesterday a.m. taking his comments out of context in order to put Beck in a negative light. Sorry! This “Honor Rally” isn’t political; it is about the spirit and honor of the American people and only those looking for the negative–can have anything derogatory to say–or write!

  5. Pasadena Phil says:

    Last night on PBS’s Nightly News Report, Mark Shields also voiced his concerns about, among other lies, the “racism” embodied in the Tea Party and sure enough, that milquetoast Chicago faux-conservative David Brooks just nodded his head.

    Also, I’ve noticed that Team Bush is now out in full force challenging not only the RNC, but in attacking the Tea party. Every day, it’s Karl Rove or Michael Gerson or some other Assistant Democrat from the team that destroyed the GOP and disenfranchised conservatives from the political process, not to mention sending our economy in a death spiral, pitching the same exact lies perpetuated from Camp Soros.

    Should I also point out that Soros was one of the many politically-engaged founders of the Carlisle Group? The same that manages most of the Bush wealth? Or is that gilding the lily?

    At the center of this entire political problem is a global cabal attempting to acquire wealth and power on a scale never seen before. And we citizens (maybe Tea Party only) may be the only thing standing in their way. That is why they are forever attacking us while addressing their fellow “world citizens” and ignoring the constitution. Every crisis now requires a global solution whether it be the new annual WHO epidemic, global warming, regulating the “too big to fail” banks, or you name it.

    We have confounded them every time so far but they only have to win once and it is all over. If you doubt it, just wait and see how difficult it will be to repeal Obamacare when we are electing a GOP that approves of most of it. That camel is already in the tent.

  6. Terrye says:


    That was strange. I have never heard Karl Rove say anything negative about Tea Party people. And btw, Glenn Beck does not even like Republicans as a general rule. He talks a lot about a third party…so if anyone is challenging the RNC I would say it was Beck. So why complain about the Bushes? I happen to think George Bush is a decent man of honor and I find a lot of the charges made by you to be strange.

  7. Pasadena Phil says:

    Terrye, you aren’t paying attention. Rove represents Team Bush and is raising money for the GOP establishment in lieu of the stumbling RNC. That money is not available to conservatives.

    Rove’s strategy has always been to abandon conservatives in favor of more “electable” candidates. That is the very thing that disenfranchised conservatives. To believe that Rove is raising money for any other reason than to save a floundering GOP establishment is pretty naive. Follow the money. These guys are in big trouble and will not go down without a fight.

    Rove, Bush, McCain, Graham, Kennedy, Pelosi, Obama,… It’s all the same thing. We have to get rid of ALL of them.

  8. Carlos says:

    To begin with, the left (and a significant portion of “establishment Republicans) will never, ever be able to understand “spirit” and “honor.” Those are foreign concepts to people who believe in relativism, or can’t believe in American exceptionalism.

    Second, GW was good on foreign policy, and much more respected by foreign power leaders. They have absolutely no respect for the weenie-in-chief. Domestically, he was a jackass wannabe, and that just wasn’t right. Unfortunately, the Republican nationals left us with little choice (not that Mike Huckleberry would have been much better than the squish they gave us!)

    And lastly, does anyone have any estimates on the crowd today? Other than the AP’s “tens of thousands”? Even a blind person could see more than that there.

  9. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

    put the worst possible slant…

    Is that the new term of art for “lying through their teeth?” Let’s see, documentation… check the files here… Duke rape hoax, nope, uh, noose hanging at Columbia, nope, census worker suicide, no, Carnahan firebombing, that’s not it, NY cabbie assault, uh uh… oh, here’re the TANG memos! Forgot I still had this one… lessee… “N word” claims by CBC, nope, Colorado Democratic HQ vandalism, naw…

    Boy, the right is sure filled with racist haters, isn’t it? I mean, look at the size of this file! And this is without the Olberman, Matthews and Maddow transcripts.

  10. I was there yesterday, and took photos and video. As for numbers, it was as big, if not bigger, than 9/12 last year. This was really something special to be a part of, meeting so many people from all over the country who came to DC.

  11. TexasDoc says:

    There you go for the so-called “tolerance” of the liberal machine. They are as committed to free speech as the NKVD under Stalin.

  12. Nina says:

    If I was a politician I would pay close attention anytime that amount of voters show up for any reason.That crowd size also defeats any pseudo event categorization. The natives are restless.Pay attention .Ignore it at your own peril.

  13. Richard says:

    The 88ers of the MSM have always been fascinated with labeling someone the leader or owner of some cause.

    The MSM of the 60s self-appointed Martin Luther King, Jr. as the owner and leader of the Civil Rights movement.

    So it is not surprising to see jeers and sneers from the MSM about the Restoring Honor rally.