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September 1, 2010

Don’t ever complain to me about the money spent on Iraq, again

For years –years!– under George W. Bush, the Democrats and their Leftist allies cried rivers of crocodile tears over the money being spent to first liberate, then stabilize that land. They claimed so often and so loudly to be worried about the debts incurred and the deficits run, that they convinced the electorate that they would actually be better stewards of the public’s money, and partly for that were given control of Congress in 2006......   [Read More]

NC’s “Racial Justice Act”: Not really about “justice” nor “race”

This is going to be longish, but I do hope you’ll read it – or print it to read later, and forward this to people you think need to read it. This issue is one of paramount importance for all, especially anyone concerned with the (wrong) direction the criminal justice system appears to be headed in this state. Our elected officials and other public figures in positions of power depend on people to not pay attention to what’s going on in order to get away with the stuff like what I’m about to write about, but an informed person armed with the facts is a powerful weapon against the “we know better than you” crowd......   [Read More]