Poll: Bill Clinton has a more positive impact on Dems than Obama while on campaign trail

What a difference two and a half years makes:

PRINCETON, NJ — Former President Bill Clinton has the potential to do more good for Democratic candidates on whose behalf he campaigns than does President Barack Obama. The net positive impact of Clinton’s campaigning among Democratic registered voters is +48, while the number is a slightly lower +42 for Obama. Clinton, however, has a significantly more positive impact than Obama does among independents — and among Republicans.

Read the full polling results at the above link.

Not only are both President Obama and his party absolutely tanking in the polls – including in states/districts once seen as “safe”, not only is his agenda deeply unpopular with the American public, but now he gets the news that the guy who his campaign vilified while on the 2008 primary campaign trail as a secret racist, the guy who black Democrats said needed to set aside a time for racial “wound healing” and who demanded he “back off” Obama, the guy whose economy he trashed … is more of a help to his Democrat colleagues across America in an important election year than the (former) Golden One himself.

These are sad, sad days for BarryO and company.  The mighty are indeed falling.  Just how far we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks.

Can’t wait.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Bill Clinton has a more positive impact on Dems than Obama while on campaign trail

  1. Heard that on the news the other day and laugh laugh LAUGHED.. Obama is looking worn, tired, beaten. HARDEE HAR HAR!

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  3. The difference is that Clinton was a consummate politician, and knew how the system worked and what he could and could not do. Obama does not – he is an ideologue. He has no understanding of how things work, of what people want, all he has is a dedicated committment to leftist redistributionist policies.

    There are no other tools in his inventory. He responds to every setback with pained petulance because to him, there are no possible alternate points of view or legitimate opinions.

    Getting Clinton to campaign is a good idea, but it’s going to be a double edged sword. Bill’s not an altruist, and there will be a price. Hillary will present the tab for payment.

  4. This should concern every sane American.
    Bill Clinton our Pants Dropper In Chief, is a piece of garbage pure and simple. If Americans have no more integrity than to look up to this scum-bag I fear for my Country

  5. There are still two weeks ’til the election, not an eternity but certainly enough time for an “October Surprise.”

    What I’m afraid of is that Duh-1 will create or manufacture a “national emergency”, call off what right now is obviously a tsunami against incumbents in general and jackasses in particular, and declare martial law.

    And he wouldn’t even blink in doing so. After all, he can do anything he wants, right? He’s the “constitutional expert”, isn’t he?

  6. I would hate to think that Obama would go that far Carlos, perhaps cooler heads would prevail over this tattered ego. He certainly doesn’t seem to have amassed that much love from the military side that would enable him to take such an extreme measure to insure his power base.

    But, just in case I am heading out to my local gun dealer to get a few choice items.

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