Obama reduced to trying to convince his own base to turn out for Democrats

Posted by: ST on October 27, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Fox News reports on the flurry of campaign activity in recent weeks from President Obama that has revolved mostly around trying to rally his disappointed base to vote next Tuesday:

President Obama is making the White House his campaign headquarters this week as he reaches out to historically Democratic voting blocs in a bid to drive up turnout and block a Republican landslide in Congress. 

Though Obama is taking a rare break from the campaign trail, he’s taking care of business from Washington with a flurry of interviews, conference calls and pep talks. 

He held a call Tuesday night with thousands of union activists to thank them for their help knocking on doors and working phone banks. After imploring voters to turn out like they did in 2008 during an interview Tuesday with American Urban Radio Networks, Obama plans to do more radio interviews in the days ahead with stations that have large black audiences. 

A senior White House aide told Fox News that Obama will participate in a call with bloggers Wednesday, as well as tape an appearance on “The Daily Show.” 

The president will wrap up the week with a final campaign swing through five states where Democratic candidates are locked in tight contests. 

It’s a homestretch strategy based on how the White House believes the president can be most effective in an election in which his name is not on the ballot but his agenda is up for debate. 

White House officials say that while they still see value in the large rallies Obama has been holding across the country this month — he’ll headline three more this weekend — they also recognize that with just six days until the election, many voters have already made up their minds. The president’s time, they argue, can sometimes be better spent getting voters who already support his agenda to the polls rather than trying to win new converts. 

Well, he’s never had conservatives on his side, and independents are abandoning him in droves so – really – who else can he turn to this election cycle? At this point it sounds like he’s just trying to keep next week’s upcoming Democrat losses respectable and a little less embarassing.

My oh my. How the mighty one has fallen.

6 days.

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4 Responses to “Obama reduced to trying to convince his own base to turn out for Democrats”


  1. Steve Skubinna says:

    This is meat and potatoes for Obama – he’s never stopped campaigning. ‘Cuz Presidentin’s haaaaard!

    Problem for him and his gaggle of incompetents and criminals and buffoons is, nobody but the Kool-Aid drinkers are buying, and some of them are beginning to say “hey, this tastes like crap!!!!”

    Obama ought to just bag it and begin raising funds for his Presidential library.

  2. Carlos says:

    Calling approximately 50% of the voters “the enemy” is beyond the pale, and shows exactly what Duh-1 thinks of this country and its electoral processes. He has no idea of what “presidential” really means.

    Should the president campaign? Of course. Should the president ever quit campaigning? Of course, and that is why this country is split down the middle now, because this lousy excuse for a “post-partisan” leader can’t get past the fact that not everyone loves him and his policies, and he’s out to prove that they are as anti-American as he, in reality, is.

    And his wife’s worse than he is!

  3. Old Goat says:

    The Narcissist in Chief can’t understand that anyone would dare not agree with him, unless they are stupid or racist. He cannot face up to the fact that the people have tried his policies, tested them, and found them lacking.

    He is a racist. He is a true believer in socialized society where the rulers have all the say in everything the peasants do and say.

    Michelle is worse, she wants to control what the “great unwashed” (to bring in Couric) can eat.

    Calling the opposition the enemy. Where is the MSM on calling him out for dividing this country even further? The left just can’t imagine why we peons don’t want our freedoms taken away, why we are sick of the spending with no results.

    I hope this POS POTUS keeps on the campaign trail, turns this wave against his policies into a massive tsunami.

  4. Kate says:

    Think of all the carbon dioxide we could have saved if he didn’t campaign…that’s just counting the hot air he emits.

    Of course he has only to charge out and get the base out there to vote….but, hey, they already voted for him and they are not so inclined to vote in the more mundane elections, especially since history has already been made and all.

    Then there’s the buyer’s remorse of those who are now surprised at “how liberal” he is!! So, do you really think they want to hear who he endorses?

    That said WE have to get out there and make sure all those who want REAL change get out and vote. Ask neighbors….give rides…babysit…do whatever you need to do to help out!