Time Magazine poll shows independents aiding GOP in 4 key Senate races

We may not get the majority in the Senate, but we may be looking at a Senate without Harry Reid soon, thanks to independents who running from the Democrat party as fast as they can:

Democrats may not lose their Senate majority, but they appear in danger of losing their Senate majority leader. Less than a week before Election Day, Democrat Harry Reid trails Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle in Nevada by 4 points, according to a TIME/CNN/Opinion Research survey that shows the GOP with late-in-the-cycle leads in four key Senate battleground states.

In each of those contests, Republican candidates are buoyed by big leads among independent voters. Despite trailing in Nevada’s two most populous counties, Angle boasts a 15-point lead over Reid among independents and sizable margins among males, white voters and voters over 50, giving her a 49%-45% cushion overall. Angle has padded her lead in the race’s closing stages; a TIME/CNN/Opinion Research poll earlier this month put her edge at 2 points, a tally within the margin of error. In the latest poll, Nevada Tea Party candidate Scott Ashjian drew 2% in the race, less than in previous surveys.

In Kentucky, Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul is following a similar formula, riding a wave of support from independents to a 50%-43% lead over Democrat Jack Conway, the state’s attorney general, the poll found. Independents back Paul by a 63%-26% margin in the Bluegrass State, where President Obama’s approval rating sits at 36%. The Bowling Green ophthalmologist, a Tea Party favorite who has endured a rocky general-election campaign, also has support among male Kentuckians and voters over 35.

The Senate clashes are tighter in Colorado and Pennsylvania, two crucial swing states that broke for Democrats in 2008 but could tip back to the GOP on Nov. 2. In the battle for the Senate seat being vacated by Arlen Specter, Republican Pat Toomey leads Democratic Representative Joe Sestak 49%-45%, thanks to a 13-point lead among independent voters. The Republican Party also has the lead in the race for the Pennsylvania governor’s mansion, with nominee Tom Corbett, the Keystone State attorney general, leading Democratic nominee Dan Onorato 52%-45%.

Would LOVE to see Toomey win in PA for a couple of reasons: First and foremost to get Arlen Specter OUT of the US Senate once and for all. And secondly, after the RNC ignored Toomey a few years ago when he was trying to beat Specter in the GOP primary, it would be fantastic to see him win it now. It’s going to be close.

As I’ve said before, I really don’t think we’re going to win a majority in the Senate – BUT more than anything, I think most of us are eager to see Harry Reid sent back to Nevada permanently. It would be a major feather in the respective caps of both conservatives and the GOP if Sharron Angle, the so-called “extremist” candidate, defeats Reid. His ouster from the Senate would make the world a better place, and I say that with tongue planted firmly in cheek, considering how he thinks he saved the world from a “worldwide depression” … ;)

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