Why are people assuming the fond remembrances of Bush are due to his fiscal policy?

Bush flight suitPresident Bush has been in the news a lot lately between his attendence at some of the World Series games and the promotion of his book Decision Points, which he’s doing on multiple shows like Oprah, etc. (the book came out today). In some of the interviews he’s done, he’s steadfastly refused to criticize President Obama. And that’s made a lot of conservatives say things like “I miss W,” “what a class act,” etc. Which, in turn, has made other conservatives I respect feel the need to “remind” those who do miss W of all the fiscally un-conservative things he did while President (and of course there was the whole “Jorge Bush” thing where this America-hating President “sold us out” to Mexicoooo! o=> ).

Seriously, though, the reminder is not necessary. Most of us remember the many ups and downs of the Bush presidency, the highs and lows, the bad policy decisions and the good ones. What I’m nostalgic about is NOT President Bush’s infamous lack of fiscal restraint, nor his “solutions” for the economic crisis that started hitting home in 2007, nor his debatable immigration policy. What I – and others – are reminded of when we see him back in the spotlight as he is now, defending his global war on terror policies, among other decisions he made while President is this:

The fact that seeing him provides a timely reminder that there ARE Presidents out there who love their country and love it dearly, who – instead of trying to play nice with foreign “leaders” who want us dead – will NOT back down from aggressively fighting against them, judiciously using the tools a President has at his disposal – without regret.

THAT is what I think about when I see President Bush now. So pardon me if I don’t jump on the Bush-bashing bandwagon. Yeah, I get that his fiscal policy was disastrous. But I also get that his GWOT policies kept this country safe, and I’m extremely happy that he has not expressed regret for those critically important counterterrorism policies, including authorizing the use of “waterboarding” and signing into law the Patriot Act. Let him have his moment in the sunshine right now. After all the bullcrap he took from the left for eight years, he deserves to be able to bask a little for a change. Doesn’t mean we have to ignore the whole Bush domestic record – it just means give it would be nice for people to give a rest for five d*mn minutes! Please let’s momentarily save the Bush-bashing from the predictable suspects like the New York Times.

Thank you.

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