Sarah Palin’s Alaska – did you watch it? (UPDATE: SHOW BREAKS TLC RATINGS RECORDS)

I watched the premiere episode last night on TLC. Absolutely loved it! Lorie Byrd has a great review here that I can’t really add much to.

New episodes will air each week on Sunday nights at 9 pm ET for the next 7 weeks, and if you miss a show, they’ll have repeats of that one on during the week.

Great stuff. Alaska is a beautiful state. As I said on Twitter last night, you could already get a good glimpse of how gorgeous Alaska was from watching Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel, and Palin’s show just adds to that.

What a down to earth family, and what super lady Palin is – and totally NOT a “diva” as some on the left have painted her out to be.

PM Update – 5:02 PM: Sweet: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Breaks TLC Ratings Record

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