Lame duck session becomes even lamer for Obama administration

Posted by: ST on December 9, 2010 at 12:56 pm

The Senate has effectively axed for the time being  the vote on the controversial “DREAM” Act, which passed the House yesterday with the support of 8 Republicans (6 of them “lame duck” Republicans).  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hopes that a vote will come up before the Congressional recess, but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

House Democrats voted this morning via a caucus to reject in its current form the tax compromise President Obama had made with the GOP earlier this week.  It’s unclear whether or not the issue will be addressed and voted on in the House before Congress recesses for the Christmas holiday.  On the other hand, Reid has indicated that the tax cut compromise may be debated and voted on in the Senate this weekend.

President Obama has effectively lost control of both his party and his liberal agenda.  Far left wingers in the House are exercising their last gasps of power before officially becoming the minority party next month.  If the Bush tax cuts expire because of House inaction while Democrats are still in control, it will be up to the Republican majority in the House and the Republican minority in the Senate to remind voters of that fact in 2012 as they try not only to gain more seats, but also to (hopefully) put a Republican back in the White House again.

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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5 Responses to “Lame duck session becomes even lamer for Obama administration”


  1. Kate says:

    Hey Sister….this seems almost surreal…the One is at odds with his own party. He is not liberal enough, gasp! Maybe he ought to ramble over to Berkley and drink some of their water.

  2. Scott McCray says:

    Heh. {popping popcorn} This is gonna get very interesting

  3. Neo says:

    Obama is just now becoming familiar with the first vestiges of bi-partisan negotiation.
    Coming from a one party town like Chicago, from what was pretty much a one party state, Obama is just now becoming familiar with the concept of herding cats.

  4. Carlos says:

    Bi-partisan? The only concept he’s familiar with is, I’m the grand poobah here, they’ve got some influence, we’re going to take them and their influence out.

    Works with politics just as well as with banks and lenders (with which he has an unblemished record of bullying), until all his lies catch up with him.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that his own party is dissing into the ditch, but look who’s doing the dissing! Only socialists/statist of the deepest blue.

    Only as it should be. I hope they can’t get anything done in this lame duck session. It’ll make it that much easier to paint the jackasses as the party that hates all us working stiffs.