I’ve got my white Christmas :)

Posted by: ST on December 25, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Started very late in the afternoon (after 5, if I remember correctly) but it’s coming down. :) Here’s a short video I took earlier when it first started:

Photo of the flakes taken around the same time as the video:

White Christmas in Charlotte

White Christmas in Charlotte :)

Just read a recent weather update – the snow is supposed to start picking up here a bit. At this point I’d guess we have about an inch on the ground. I should have better pix tomorrow.

Last but not least, here is one of my favorite photos taken from earlier today at my sister’s house, where we all gathered for Christmas lunch:

Toldjah sistahs

Toldjah sistahs :)

My sis on the right is a huge Tarheel fan, and of course everyone knows how huge the rivalry is between the Tarheels and Duke. So imagine my surprise when she and my bro in law gave me that adorable, awesome Duke vodka bottle lamp! They did the same for my other bro in law with a Georgia Bulldogs lamp. So it was a given that we had to take a picture of our “team gear.” The lamps were custom made by the mother of a guy my bro-in-law works with. It is pretty darned awesome. :D

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas!

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4 Responses to “I’ve got my white Christmas :)”


  1. Phineas says:

    Now those are cool gifts! (Go, Duke! :d )

  2. JRob says:

    about 90+/- minutes south of Charlotte it started snowing just before midnight. I suppose a white 2nd day of Christmas will have to do

  3. William Teach says:

    I have 7 inches of global warming on the back deck in Raleigh. How’s Charlotte doing, ST?

  4. Kate says:

    …and since PA is north of ya’ll…we are anticipating the white stuff this afternoon into tomorrow a.m. A little late and enough to tangle up the morning commute! Thank God I telecommute!!!

    Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas. And Sister those gifts are very clever!!!