John Kerry throwing his hat into Secretary of State arena?

Posted by: ST on February 4, 2011 at 11:43 am

Be afriad, be very very afraid. Liberal Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi writes (via @GabrielMalor):

AS EGYPT battles over its future, Senator John Kerry is negotiating his own.

The Bay State’s senior senator is running an unofficial campaign to become the next secretary of state. For once, he looks artful, as well as ambitious.

His recent opinion piece in the New York Times said what President Obama couldn’t or wouldn’t: Mubarak must go.

Kerry’s conclusion was elegant, but unequivocal: “President Hosni Mubarak must accept that the stability of his country hinges on his willingness to step aside gracefully to make way for a new political structure.’’

Secretary of state is the spot Kerry wanted when Barack Obama won the presidency. He lost out to Hillary Clinton and Obama’s “team of rivals.’’ But his fallback position as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee provides a powerful platform to press his case.

For months, there has been speculation that Kerry will get the job he wants in an Obama second term. Clinton said publicly that she is not committed to the position beyond 2012. She also tamped down speculation that she wants to move to the Pentagon as secretary of defense.


As an early Obama supporter, but one who is not committed to every policy as an Obama administration insider would be, Kerry can take a different stance on complex issues. He can stake out personal turf, as he did with Mubarak, and showcase the combination of diplomacy and boldness that catches the world’s and the president’s attention.

With Egypt as the backdrop, Kerry knows the truth of an often-cited maxim that is associated with Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel.

Out of crisis, comes opportunity.

And if Obama were re-elected, and Kerry got the opportunity to be Secetary of State, a crisis would come from that opportunity – and we and our allies would pay the price (see here and here, for starters).

Just one more reason President Obama needs to be soundly defeated in 2012.

John Kerry tries to catch a football.

John 'Fumble' Kerry, circa 2004.

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11 Responses to “John Kerry throwing his hat into Secretary of State arena?”


  1. Phineas says:

    I’ve said before that Hillary was qualified for high office only by comparison to the empty suit who became her boss, but, compared to that idiot Kerry, she’s practically Henry Kissinger.

    Gawd, what a disaster he’d be at State.

  2. Paul says:

    Lord forbid that John Kerry shoud ever be Secretary of State. Sat what we may, Hilary Clinton has more stones that Kerry ever had !

  3. Old Goat says:

    I’m not totally convinced that Kerry wants that particular job. I think its more likely that he is polishing his credentials for another Presidential run and this would be his fall back.

    Kerry is almost as narcissistic as Obama. One of the things that defeated him the last go around was his foreign policy and the swift boat issues. Kicking away foreign policy problems might be something he views as a step toward that goal.

    Notice also that McLame is working his way back to the media good graces by saying that Obama is easier to work with now that Obama is more centrist.

    Some of these politicians are just beyond belief. Tell me again how these guys keep getting elected when they change their stances as often as they have bowel movements.

  4. Pasadena Phil says:

    Kerry doesn’t even wear a hat. But if he did, I’m sure it would get trampled if he were to toss it anywhere.

    And forget about defeating Obama in 2012. If the McCain GOP doesn’t get its act together in 2011, it won’t matter. Let’s focus on 2011.

  5. MarkJ says:

    I think John Kerry should wear a hat: it’d be his “personality”. ;)

  6. Steve Skubinna says:

    Maybe Kerry doesn’t wear a hat, but we all recall the CIA hat he got running sooper-sekrit missions into Cambodia. “I still have the hat!”

    I agree he’d be a disaster. Sadly, Obama could easily do much, much worse. And were it not for his need to co-opt Hillary! he probably would have.

  7. Pasadena Phil says:

    Kerry stopped wearing his bowler years ago because every time he would “throw his hat into the ring” to run for something, people would only remember him as “the candidate who throws like a girl”.

  8. PE says:

    I think he sees an opportunity to better leverage his talent for screwing up our county.

  9. Tango says:

    ….yeah, well, Hillary will be bailing on her SecState gig soon. She can’t rely entirely on Bill’s fund raising for her 2012 presidential bid. She’ll have to begin doing at least some on her own.

    As for Kerry, it makes sense. I believe he’s another one who (like Barry) sees himself as a “citizen of the world.”