VIDEO: “Stimulus czar” Biden falls asleep during Obama’s deficit speech

Posted by: ST on April 13, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Via ABC’s The Note blog:

Michael Muskal at the LA Times Top of the Ticket blog writes in response:

Vice President Joe Biden was given another big job by President Obama on Wednesday and the burden may have driven Obama’s go-to guy into a moment of sleep or, at least, contemplation.

Biden, who has more than a nodding acquaintance with deficits, debts and federal budget woes, was caught apparently deep in thought or catching a few winks while Obama outlined his plan for dealing with the deficit. […]

In his speech, the president explained that Biden would begin meeting with lawmakers from both parties next month with a goal of trying to work out a bipartisan deficit reduction plan.

Methinks our “stimulus czar” is suffereing from a deficit in things needed to stimulate him to keep him awake during his bosses speeches … ;)

On a more serious note, Ed Morrissey sums up the speech nicely in the headline to his post on the topic: Obama’s solution to deficit: spending, ObamaCare, and tax hikes. In other words, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) who, along with fellow colleagues, unveiled the House Republicans’ proposed FY2012 budget last week, blasted President Obama’s remarks as nothing more than partisan rhetoric filled with inaccuracies. Prepared remarks:

“When the President reached out to ask us to attend his speech, we were expecting an olive branch. Instead, his speech was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate to address our fiscal crisis. What we heard today was not fiscal leadership from our commander-in-chief; we heard a political broadside from our campaigner-in-chief.

“Last year, in the absence of a serious budget, the President created a Fiscal Commission. He then ignored its recommendations and omitted any of its major proposals from his budget, and now he wants to delegate leadership to yet another commission to solve a problem he refuses to confront.

“We need leadership, not a doubling down on the politics of the past. By failing to seriously confront the most predictable economic crisis in our history, this President’s policies are committing our children to a diminished future. We are looking for bipartisan solutions, not partisan rhetoric. When the President is ready to get serious about confronting this challenge, we’ll be here.”

Extended remarks from Rep. Ryan in which he talks about the demagoguery coming from the President and how we need leadership:

As to the demagoguery, Jake Tapper made a nice catch on the President’s anti-demagoguery rhetoric from January 2010 vs today’s speech. It pretty much denotes an epic flip flop from Obama. No surprise there.

You can read the full text version of the speech here.

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12 Responses to “VIDEO: “Stimulus czar” Biden falls asleep during Obama’s deficit speech”


  1. Brontefan says:

    We’ve heard –time & time again– the fancy rhetoric from this man with his Harvard law degree but limited vocabulary. He has one agenda: socialize our country. Anything that strays from that agenda, he can only vote “present.” I am still wondering how Americans across this great country can rationalize his lies, rhetoric, socialization [ObamaCare], and his approach to our Constitution as if it is an old worn out document without meaning. His legistlation is not for everyone; it’s for everyone except his special friends to whom he will grant waivers and special deals. As C-in-C, he refuses to protect our southern border, refuses to acknowledge the dangers thereof, and would willingly withhold military pay to get his way. I don’t want to retire [in three years] in a Marxist country. Can we save our country from this disaster?

  2. nina says:

    #1 Yes,We Can!!!

  3. Paul says:

    I can’t chastise Joe, because Obama puts me to sleep too…:-)

  4. Kate says:

    Why not sleep? There was nothing new in this retread. I advise all people to sleep during Obama’s speeches. In many cases it is good for our blood pressure.

    The old axiom, “Actions speak louder than words.” should be changed to “Inaction speaks louder than words” for Obama. He will not moderate from his progressive stance. What galls me most is his arrogance by “speaking” for the “rich folks” who are more than willing (in his mind) to pay more taxes. As if giving more money to a spendthrift will save a penny. Yes, let those folks who have created wealth and jobs give more to those who are the “victims” of society.

  5. Justin says:

    Thanks for the Tapper mention. I’d not heard that, but it’s a great illustration of how President Obama will literally say and do ANYTHING that will give him a momentary advantage.

    Sadly, it also illustrates the refusal of much of the media to critically evaluate ANYTHING he does or says.

  6. Glenn Bergen says:

    I’d love to put Old Joe’s hand into a bucket of warm water. That will wake him up!

  7. Carlos says:

    The reason he’s not worried about dumping a suffocating mountain of debt on the kids is that his kids are already set for life, what with the gazillions he’s stolen for his “community activist” activities and MO’s “income” for pretty much the same reason.

    Unfortunately, most of us old folk figured we could sleep better knowing we’d earned our keep instead of being kept by money stolen from other producers, but that doesn’t seem to bother him a bit.

    Matter of fact, that seems to be his philosophy. He calls it “progressive”.

    I call it theft.

    And the dictionary calls it National Socialism, but we common folk have a shorter version of that definition: Nazism.

  8. Zippy says:

    LOL @ Kate.. Indeed! Sleeping during his speech is good for the blood pressure!

    Ol’ Joe is ready for the glue factory.

  9. Neo says:

    My local newspaper (I forget if they endorsed Obama, but probably) summarizes the Obama speech with the headline ..
    … great headline for the day before taxes are due
    also amazing how all the nuance is just stripped away.

  10. puffpiece says:

    The BEST part of Obama’s speech was Paul Ryan’s response.

    The second best part was Joe Biden falling asleep.

    Dems have to send Obama back to the golf course full-time so the “adults” can address serious issues without his inept interference.

  11. Carlos says:

    Give Slo Joe a break, guys. He’s got to be tired, what with all the “stimulating” he’s expected to be doing by his boss.

    Lord knows, none of his boss’ programs can stimulate by themselves…

  12. Bill Fabrizio says:

    I always feel more secure when Biden and Obama are asleep. It’s when there awake that I become nervous!