Poll: What will you do to ‘honor’ Earth Day?

Posted by: ST on April 22, 2011 at 8:02 am

Discuss, my fellow “deniers.” ;)

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31 Responses to “Poll: What will you do to ‘honor’ Earth Day?”


  1. steveegg says:

    Crank up the heat, do some driving, fire up the barbecue, and generally attempt to be the equivalent of what South Korea is to North Korea.

  2. Phineas says:

    Grocery shop and ask for plastic bags. >:)

  3. quiznilo says:

    Well that is rich. The president and a bunch of rich hollywood pigs claiming that us middle-class have the wrong priorities.

    Sure, many of us don’t have jobs, we’re being regulated out of existence, food stamp rolls are at an all time high, and we all are watching as our nation marches towards the abyss of debt and economic collapse wherein recovery might not even be possible now. And we get lectures about some hoaky theory about climate change, and how we’re heretics towards some quasi-religion designed entirely to allow its adherents feel morally superior.

  4. Kate says:

    Put out the trash….recyclables and all!

    Metaphor for getting rid of the members of congress who are so green with envy at the tea partiers!

  5. CZ says:

    Think I will take along drive in my gas guzzler and upon returning home we’ll start a tire fire in the back yard using kerosene to get it going.


  6. Chris says:

    Like it says on one my favorite (now rare) satirical bumper stickers (showing the Earth encircled by rapidly orbiting green spheres), I will:

    Visualize Whirled Peas


  7. maddmedic says:

    Oh yeah!!

    Earth Day!!!

    I think I will go start all 3 cars, the lawnmower, snowblower, outboard and a fire in the firepit….find some tires to throw in it!!

    Then sit around it and roast small animals!!!

    Cut some trees down for firewood!!

    Heh….Celebrate all right!!! ^:)^=))

  8. Jake_G says:

    I need to burn some tires I’ve had stacking up for awhile. Going to use gasoline and some freshly cut tree’s to get it started. Hard work ya’ know?

  9. Kelly says:

    \:d/ Me? I’m gonna burn a few more of these Korans I’ve had sitting around here by the boxful since the last time the mussies threw a fit….they make great kindling for the firepits and bonfires we do over here on the cool Spring nights in Ohio!!!:)>-

  10. Yorkshire says:

    Burn firewood in a burn pit.

  11. Yorkshire says:

    Another thing is to turn on every incandescent light on in the house.

  12. CHOW says:

    Chop down the mightiest tree in the forest and burn it in an open pit. [herring optional].

  13. JDirkes says:

    Earth Day doesn’t exist in my house (much like Kwanzaa). As far as I know, today is Good Friday, and I am remembering that my debt is paid in full.

  14. Tom TB says:

    Reflect on the fate of Earth Day co-founder Ira Einhorn, who four years later murdered his girlfriend when she wanted to end the relationship. He put her body in a trunk, which he put in the closet at his apartment. His neighbors complained about the odor of his recycling project; wonder what he does at this time in PA prison?

  15. Jules R says:

    No Earth Day here, it is Good Friday and we will be remembering that paid debt, and what had to happen for it to be paid. Of course since we are Cajuns, Boiled Crawfish is on the menu! :d

  16. Carlos says:

    Ira is the ultimate lib recycle program: they took what should have been trashed and are now claiming to have recycled him into a responsible member of society.

    It works that way with all their hair-brained ideas – just wish it so, and it is.

    Unfortunately, all us morons out here paying attention to reality get to pay for the elites’ screw-ups.

    I don’t mind recycling, but I’ll be darned if I’ll ever put one of their CF-whatevers in to light up my house. And my gas guzzler gets at least 10mpg!

  17. John says:

    I’m gonna scream at someone with a “coexist” bumper sticker.

  18. I believe I shall go out and dig a hole. A big one.

  19. Marc Jeric says:

    Earth Day – another eco-nazi invention in their continuing effort of enslavement. It’s enough to make this agnostic and former catholic to rethink the whole problem.

  20. Phil frommholz says:

    For Earth Day I decided to fill up the tank in my big truck and I drove around aimlessly looking at the earth that everyone else was supposed to protecting. Apparently everyone else was doing the same thing.

    Tonight , “I am waiting to exhale”. I am going to do some heavy breathing and create excess CO2. Would that we classified as attempted murder by Al Gore?

  21. co2 is a gas says:

    I’m planning to toss about 30 CFL bulbs into the fire-pit out back. I hope the hippie neighbors won’t mind a little mercury with their weed this evening.

  22. Paul B says:

    I will fire up my charcoal grill and rid the earth of a couple of flatulent, greenhouse gas producing cows and pigs, maybe a chicken or two, and a turkey.

  23. Erik Rush says:

    Go to the bathroom in the woods. **==

  24. ST says:

    LOL – good answers, y’all! Keep ’em comin’ :)

  25. Rob says:

    I bought a bunch of cut down trees and am going to build me some Adirondack chairs. Love the smell of freshly sawn cedar

  26. sablegsd says:

    Turned on every light and appliance in the house.
    Drove my truck 2 blocks to the PO and the store and left it running the whole time. (dinky mid western town, you can do that here)
    Gonna fire up the charcoal briquets and heat up some (gasp) meat. :d

  27. Severian says:

    Save energy…burn environmentalists, not oil!

  28. Tom TB says:

    Saw this on Drudge, and it tops the “Nobody could make this up” dept…Michelle Obama cancelled an Earth Day appearance at Fort Dupont National Park BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER! It does rain on Earth, last I checked, and we wouldn’t have vegetable gardens without it; wonder what indoor appearance she made, if any?

  29. Glenn Bergen says:

    Make a martini with green icecubes. And wish Comrade Lenin a happy belated birthday, while I embalm myself. Why can’t the Marxists just be content with May Day?

  30. captaingrumpy says:

    I hope everyone remembers the real reason of Good Friday. God gave his only son for us,and we thank him by making it “Earth Day”. What a bunch of slimeballs we must be.We certainly do not deserve his love.

  31. Dana says:

    As our lovely hostess knows, Earth Day is also my birthday! So, what did I do to celebrate? Why, my loader operator and I cleaned out the dust collector lines on the concrete plant, that’s how we celebrated!

    Now, the dust collector is a piece of equipment which, as the name suggests, collects the cement dust that escapes from the drum of a concrete mixer truck as it is being loaded, and cleaning one out is a job almost as pleasant as cleaning porta-johns on a jobsite or pumping out septic tanks. :(( I suppose that this sounds like I’m all environmentally friendly, but we did it simply because it’s required maintenance; if we could have put it off, we would have!

    However, I did drive my big 4.6 liter V-8 powered F-150 that day, and I plan on throwing a dead CFL light bulb in the regular trash. :d