Sarah Palin: We deserve an explanation about Libya

Posted by: Phineas on April 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm

**Posted by Phineas

I’m having cognitive dissonance here. On the one hand, I’m assured by the Left and the major media (but I repeat myself), and by many on the Establishment Right, that Sarah Palin is a chillbilly airhead who has no idea what she is talking about and would be a disaster as president.

But then, after expressing puzzlement over the administration’s conflicting reasons for going to war (kinda-sorta) in Libya, she goes and writes something like this:

At this point, to avoid further mission creep and involvement in a third war – one we certainly can’t afford – you need to step up and justify our Libyan involvement, or Americans are going to demand you pull out. Simply put, what are we doing there? You’ve put us in a strategic no man’s land. If Gaddafi’s got to go, then tell NATO our continued participation hinges on this: We strike hard and Gaddafi will be gone. If, as you and your spokesmen suggest, we’re not to tell Libya what to do when it comes to that country’s leadership, and if you can’t explain to Americans why we’re willing to protect Libyan resources and civilians but not Syria’s, Yemen’s, Bahrain’s, Egypt’s, Israel’s, etc., then there is no justification for U.S. human and fiscal resources to be spent.

I would also ask you to better explain your thinking on Libya. We can’t afford any actions that don’t take care of crucial U.S. needs and meet our own interests at this point. You are the Commander in Chief, so please explain what you believe is our “interest” there and not elsewhere.

Mr. President, your hesitation and vacillation in the Middle East breed uncertainty. It’s symptomatic of the puzzling way you govern. See, uncertainty is one of the factors over which you have control, and I would think you’d want to eliminate that additional element that helps breed problems like higher oil prices. Higher oil means exorbitant gas prices weighing down our economy. Consistency and strength – and greater domestic energy production – will help fix higher gas prices and help heal the economy. But only with leadership. These sorts of problems don’t fix themselves.

Uncertainty breeds higher prices because those who thought themselves our allies suddenly find that may not be true(1), they may not be as secure as they thought and their oil supplies may not be as safe, all of which leads more risk being associated with Mideast oil, and contributes to higher costs passed on to us at the pump. Basic economics and common sense, both of which are alien to our president.

It seems to me the woman dismissed as a “Caribou Barbie” and a quitter(2) has a better grip on our national interests than the Smartest President in History ever will.

Darn her for confusing me by being right when our Cultural Elites (all bow) insist she’s wrong.

Go, ‘Cuda!


(1) Hey, if we unceremoniously dumped Mubarak, who, while a bloated dictator, at least often served our interests and wasn’t as bad as a lot of them, then who’s next? You can bet a lot are worried.

(2) An argument I no longer treat as serious, unless it can be made in the context of the Alaskan ethics law as it existed at the time of her resignation.

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9 Responses to “Sarah Palin: We deserve an explanation about Libya”


  1. alanstorm says:

    I am really disgusted by the “quitter” meme. If you want to go that route, you MUST lump in Napolitano and Sibelius – neither served out her term. Or is quitting to go to another taxpayer-funded job somehow exempt?

    The reasons for stepping down were clearly stated and were perfectly logical in context – which, on second thought, is probably what confused the liberals.

  2. Sefton says:

    I’m sure Sarah knows this, but Obozo doesn’t have “explanations”. He has prevarications. He evades and fabricates. He meanders and speaks in misrepresentation and falsification. He deals in deception and distortion.

    And if that’s not enough, he spends the rest of his time lying. But, as I said, I’m sure Sarah already knows this and was just being rhetorical in pointing out his hypocrisy and lack of leadership.

  3. john says:

    I think Sarah is great, but I also am given pause by the fact that she did not stand and fight in her last job. She sounds good. She has a lot to offer. I dont think being president is going to be easier than being governor.

    And you know what? Who says the only place someone can make a priceless contribuition is being president? Shes doing great tormenting liberals right now.

    i confess i would vote for her if she ran. still hope she doesnt.

  4. RefudiateObama2012 says:

    John, John, John. So you think she should have allowed the anklebiters to bankrupt her family. Is that right? Maybe before you condemn her for resigning, perhaps you might want to do your homework on Alaska ethics laws.

  5. BadIdeaGuy says:

    The unfortunate part of Palin’s statement is that it presumes to address a “President” who is a) a reasonable man, b) who sees himself as President of the United States, and c) not hell-bent on the destruction of the United States.

    Why can’t any mainstream repubs call this guy what he is: either a colossal failure on a scale unseen before, or a clear and present danger to the Constitution of these United States?

    Other than that, I concur.

  6. PE says:

    BadIdeaGuy’s comment is on the money. Sarah’s premise is that Obama is willing and able to do what is best for us. She talks to Him as if his head is mounted on his shoulders. That premise is not supported by empirical evidence.

  7. Bill G says:

    BadIdeaGuy, Sarah did not really address this to Bam-Bam. Do you think it can get through the wall that insulates him from the masses of negative comments?
    This was more of an open letter to the nation giving her take on the issues and what she thinks should be addressed by a leader.
    Of course, Bam-Bam is not a leader.

  8. captaingrumpy says:

    I love conspiracy theories.
    This is part of Soros’s plan to kill the west by killing the economy.
    Bozo knows he is helping Muslims,just like he blessed the Muslims holy day but NOT the Christians.
    He is a traitor,and the sooner the people wake up the better.Everytime something bad happens I think this will be too much for them to take,BUT, the people still hide their heads. America is stuffed.

  9. Michael Teuber says:

    To quote a stateswoman: “If you’re in it, win it, if there’s doubt get out.”

    How many of our post WWII ‘KMAs’ could have been avoided or successfully prosecuted if that simple principle had been applied in advance?

    Oh, and you can’t have the roof sued from over your kids’ heads as POTUS.

    Palin 2012