Breaking: Obama releases long form birth certificate

Posted by: ST on April 27, 2011 at 9:26 am

Multiple news outlets, including CNN and the Associated Press, are reporting that President Obama has released a copy of his long form birth certificate, and will make a statement on the “birther issue” at around 9:45 Eastern Time this morning. The USA Today has a brief story on the release:

President Obama released copies of his birth certificate today, hoping to silence questions about his Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Obama himself plans to make a statement about the so-called “birther issue” at 9:45 a.m.

The release is a response to Donald Trump and other critics who have questioned whether Obama was born in the United States, and is therefore eligible for the presidency.

The White House also released letters from this month in which Obama requested copies of his birth certificate.

“The president believed it was becoming a major distraction from the issues we are having in this country,” said communications director Dan Pfeiffer, calling it a “fake controversy” and “a sideshow.”

Obama faxed a letter to the Hawaii Department of Health on April 22, requesting two copies “of my original certificate of live birth.”

The health department replied that it would make an exception for Obama and make two certified copies from their bound volume of birth records; normally the department would generate computer copies.

I haven’t seen what was released today – don’t care to as I’ve never believed that he wasn’t born in the US. As I’ve said before, the issue fascinated me only from the standpoint of an armchair investigator who loves to dig for overlooked details and missed clues/facts. Like my co-blogger, I believe the President has used the issue in order to try and denigrate conservatives as out of step with the mainstream and I’m genuinely surprised that he is trying to “end” the controversy surrounding his birth certificate well before Campaign 2012 kicks into high gear. It’s interesting, though, that he’s only releasing it after Donald Trump made such a fuss about it. Average citizens doing so apparently didn’t matter to our celebrity Prez. This was about political one-upmanship, and nothing more.

In any event, I hope this resolves the issue, though I doubt it will.

Update – 10:22 AM: Here’s the computerized version of the BC and the long form version.

Phineas butts in, 11:48 AM: ST beat me to it (the curse of being a PST blogger), but, for anyone interested, here’s my take.

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  • 25 Responses to “Breaking: Obama releases long form birth certificate”


    1. Tango says:

      …I have no idea where Barry was born. The only thing I know for sure is that the likes of him do not spend a million and a half bucks in legal fees (to keep the document hidden) without a very good reason.

    2. Geo says:

      You’d think he would have done this 2 or 3 years ago and put it behind him…..but no. It’s not like he doesn’t have a credibility problem on countless issues.

      Two things drove this… Trump pounding him on it and this past week AP released a Poll where only 38% believed that he was born in Hawaii.

      Go figure!

    3. Simon says:

      How will this be rationalized into the conspiracy? Will they say it’s fake? Will they say yet more documentation is needed? Will they grudgingly accept it but claim something must be hidden for him to have waited this long? Tune in to WND later for the next exciting episode!

    4. Sefton says:

      In 3…2…1 seconds – countdown to how long it will take the MSM cretins to associate this “gotcha” to the Tea Party. I guarantee that’s the memo that went out to them from the White House.

    5. Barb C says:

      The real trouble is former Lt. Col Terry Lakin is still sitting in prison for asking for this very thing.
      There is no justice.

    6. It’s still not a LFBC, but a Certificate of Live Birth.

    7. Jake_G says:

      I’m surprised the birth certificate doesn’t say ‘Satan’ as the father. Hmmmmmmmm

    8. ruby says:

      where are the vital stats like weight and length, etc?

      anyhoo…. i think the term “birther” is has been completely misused and applied to everyone who doubts his eligibility. i’m sure he was born in hawaii but that doesn’t explain his indonesian citizenship. having that citizenship makes him ineligible because he would have lost his american citizenship upon receiving the indonesian one. he would have to reapply for american citizenship and would only receive status as a “naturalized” citizen. not good enough to be president.
      also – how did he travel to pockystohn? u.s. citizens weren’t able to travel there at the time he went. what passport did he use???

    9. William Teach says:

      I love how Obama did his President Snippy routine, especially at the end, then stalked off.

    10. Phineas says:

      President Snippy

      I think we have a winner in the nickname contest! :d

    11. Great White Rat says:

      I’m genuinely surprised that he is trying to “end” the controversy surrounding his birth certificate well before Campaign 2012 kicks into high gear

      So am I, ST. This is the sort of thing they’d probably want to hold until the campaign gets into the middle or final stages, and then clobber the opposition with it.

      The only rationalization I can think of is that the Obama campaign strategists believe they can tie every possible GOP opponent to the “birther” faction, and will use that card whenever it’s beneficial.

      Personally, I’ve always been much more interested in the fact that Obama spends millions to hide his academic records than about where he was born.

    12. Wayne says:

      So how could this exist when we were told that he had already released his birth certificate? Now how about those pesty records from Punahou and those colleges?

      Funny how people are blasting those who asked for these records and asking the questions. They were right. The problem was with the speculation, trying to fill in the missing data. The cause of the speculation was of course the person and the team of lawyers hiding the data.

      So what has changed? Maybe it was the poll that showed people just were not believing Obama. That means he has finally realized people do not trust him.

      Kudos to Trump for forcing the issue. Keep it up.

    13. bill glass says:

      Too simple…I smell a big rat.

    14. FrankNitti says:

      father’s occupation….student

      mother’s occupation…..none

      even back in ’61 they knew how to sponge of the backs of hard working men/women.

    15. Bear1909 says:

      His mother was not of legal age to confer citizenship on the boy. That isn’t going to show in the Constitution (as so many dithering twits are clamoring). It is part of US Immigration law. Oh, never mind. What was I thinking?

      Anyways, kudos to Trump. A grown up power player, who has more street cred with rich folks than President Snow Job McSnippy does, kicked his pansy butt in front of everybody. Folks thought the Libya mess made him look stupid. This fake birth document makes him look even DUMMER lol. I mean- they released a forgery before and no one is saying anything in the Red Queen Media about THAT! Why did you release a fake one way back when, YOU DILDO?

      If the Red Queen Media gave this putz as much of a rash as they did Booosh, then can you imagine how little nap he’d have left on that peasy head of his? I mean, come on!

      Well, I am looking forward to Corsi’s book. I don’t think this is over and, if anything, this is going to hurt his re-election contest. The tiara is askew now. Can you imagine if the press tries to tie the Pubby Chubbies running against him to the BC issue? All they will have to say is: “Well, when he released the forgery I had to wonder— but then he released the “real” one, I was all in…this guy is as All American as Eric Holder and the New Black Panther Party, Baby!” Team Snippy smells really bad on this one.

      So glad Sarah isnt a birther. I wonder what kind of rocket she is going to fire into USS Snippy, or is that HMS Snippy—- his daddy was a Brit! That is so rich. He has serious daddy issues.

      Right now, Snippy is so uptight only bats can hear him when he farts. I wonder if MooChelle the Wookie Princess is being the understanding spouse in all of this.

      “Whatchoo mean you released it!!!!! This is hell boy and you gone and released it?!??!!”

      I am savoring the moment. I guess i wouldn’t be if Boehner wasn’t such a flippin touch hole on this debt ceiling issue. That could be a real public whuppin if he had any gonadal fortitude.

      What’s his number? I need to leave him a piece of my mind. Ride to the sound of Trump’s cannons you hussy-boy!

      Have a great nite.

    16. Prasad says:

      Mr. Obama did very well i hope now Donald Trump will calm up i think this matter will ends with this action (Release of Obama’s birth certificate).

    17. Jo says:

      For all who believe this is bonafide, if he’s in such a mood to disclose personal info, where are his college records? Where are his professional records? Was his law license revoked and why? What has he ever truly accomplished on his own merit, such as it is, besides being a community agitator and skewer of the Constitution???

    18. Coastal Eddie says:

      His birth Certificate is still not released!

      He released a long form [?] of the Certificate of Live Birth.

      You have to be born in a foreign country to get one, who cares about details.

      This will confirm he was born alive, somewhere. Another hoax?

    19. Brontefan says:

      I agree, Tango–he has spent a virtual fortune hiding something… perhaps it is his Columbia transcripts. I have to admit that I do not think this guy is genius! How long do you live in American before you know there are 50 states [not 60] and that Marine Corps is pronounced Marine Core? They keep touting him as a constitutional scholar–but I think he’s a constitutional hack.

    20. As for Sarah Palin I think she must be very angry when she realizes that Trump has gained so much popularity with such a trivial issue. There will definitely be a lot of disputes within the Republican Party in the months to come.

    21. captaingrumpy says:

      I still don’t trust him.Something is fishy.
      I would not put out a forgery or is it a smoke screen to cover lost citizenship? who knows,he just isn’t right for the job and someone knows why.