GOP gets loud in DC over “independent” NLRB’s complaint against Boeing

Posted by: ST on May 10, 2011 at 6:22 pm

The NLRB’s sloppy wet kiss to Big Labor is gaining attention from not just GOP lawmakers in South Carolina, but in DC as well. Via CNN:

Washington (CNN) – South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and a group of Republican senators demanded Tuesday that the Obama administration weigh in on the National Labor Relations Board’s complaint against Boeing, saying the complaint could jeopardize thousands of South Carolina jobs and the future of free enterprise in the country.


The Republicans took turns condemning the White House for allowing a board of Democratic appointees to wield control over how American companies do business.

“This is an issue that may have started in South Carolina, but we want to make sure it never touches another state,” said Haley, who flew to Washington for the press conference at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “We are demanding that the president respond to what the NLRB has done. This goes against everything we know our American economy to be.”

The White House has been largely silent on the matter, saying that the NLRB is “an independent agency” conducting its own enforcement actions.

Haley was joined at the news conference by her state’s two Republican Senators, Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint, as well as South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson and state Attorney General Alan Wilson.

Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul also took turns questioning the NLRB’s activities, with Paul going so far as to suggest that the White House has “an enemies list.”

Alexander said he plans to finalize language later Tuesday on the “Right to Work Protection Act,” which would protect right-to-work states from federal intrusion over labor disputes.

Graham called the NLRB complaint “absurd” and accused the administration of having a double standard toward Boeing because White House chief-of-staff Bill Daley is a former member of the company’s board.


“This is something that would happen in a third world county, not in America,” [Sen. Jim] DeMint said of the NLRB action. “I can’t believe the administration is sitting on the sidelines pretending they had nothing to do with it.”

Trust me – Senator DeMint isn’t surprised one bit that this administration is pretending to be “above the fray.” The White House is notoriously two-faced when it comes to political favoritism, slamming lobbyists while at the same time having some of them work directly for the administration (and let’s not forget how candidate Obama tried to skate around the issue of lobbyists by way of defining ‘what he meant’ by the term ‘lobbyists’). That the WH tried to avoid the issue by giving the lame excuse that the NLRB is an “independent” agency is absolutely laughable, considering that agency independence didn’t matter to them one little bit when – for example – it came to the politically motivated firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who was shown the underneath of the bus after upsetting a fat cat Obama supporter.

In this situation, the WH has the potential to do some good and possibly reverse the NLRB’s bogus complaint via a public denounciation of such a blatantly partisan move but of course he’s not going to do that, because the NLRB is doing his and his administration’s bidding: Bowing and bending over for Big Labor. The closer to the 2012 election, the more this type of outrageous nonsense will happen.

Move along here. Nothing to see …

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11 Responses to “GOP gets loud in DC over “independent” NLRB’s complaint against Boeing”


  1. Wayne says:

    The GOP has been slow to realize that they are the enemy, not Bin Laden or Al-Queda or China, but the GOP who want free enterprise and small government. Obama has no respect for them, so begging and pleading just makes him feel like Caesar. He holds the power. They must start attacking his rules, his power, his power base. That is the Unions, the special interests, the liberal power grabs. They were doing well till they caved on Planned Parenthood and NPR. That is why Obama just laughs at them and moves on.

  2. PE says:

    Zimbabwe ubber alles.

  3. nocoen says:

    The House should vote to defund the entire NLRB…that would be a lovely start to closing the budget deficit.

    Make those lawyers go out and try to find a job in this tough economy…I know, they could start off chasing ambulances…

  4. Hopefulone says:

    Enemies list of one:

    America as a democratic republic operating under the rule of law, not whimsical leninist men.

  5. Ralph Gizzip says:

    Perhaps the WH would prefer Boeing move offshore? After all, we can’t have any of those big, nasty corporations polluting our environment, can we?

  6. Carlos says:

    @Ralph Gizzip: Depends on whether the big, nasty corporation is a Duh-1 supporter or not.

    Which, in the final analysis, is just like Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Jimmuh, Ford, Nixon,…

    Except he takes it to a whole new level.

  7. Evita says:

    Sadly, I have not seen much about this in the lame stream media.

    Our country is being stolen right under our noses, and people are just not paying attention.

  8. Karen says:

    Speaking of being “above the fray”, Boeing should just ignore the NLRB and do whatever the hell it wants! There is NO law preventing them from building and operating anything. I would laugh in their faces and just keep going. Why the GOP has to wait for any kind of response or “weighing in” from the WH is beyond me. They should know by now he’s not going to go against the NLRB! Who cares what he says? He has no authority here!

  9. Joe Schmoe says:

    So… when the White House wants to get involved with unions in Wisconsin, that’s totally cool. But when the time comes to face the NLRB, all of a sudden they’re soooo concerned about not interfering with an “independent agency”.

    The hypocrisy of this administration is clearly shown every day. Every single day.

  10. captaingrumpy says:

    When are Americans going to wake up.
    Obama won’;t do anything a normal person would do.
    He wants Boeing to fail and Americans to fail.
    That is his job.
    He is a TRAITOR to the American people and should be impeached,or worse.