NC electronic road sign hacked to read “Impeach Obama”

No, I’m not on the “Impeach Obama” wagon, nor do I condone hacking into DOT road signs, but I couldn’t resist linking up to this local story (via @BreeanneHowe):

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — A Department of Transportation electronic road sign was apparently hacked into and the road warning changed over the weekend.

The sign at the intersection of Unionville-Indian Trail and Ridge roads in Union County was changed to read “Impeach Obama.” Some passers by stopped to take pictured of the sign and comment on the message. One driver said the act was bold because she thought the hacker could get into trouble for manipulating a state-owned road sign.

DOT officials said Sunday evening they had not heard about the change to the sign, but would send an engineer to edit the message so that it displays the correct road warning. The sign was corrected Sunday night, officials said.

Here’s the sign (slideshow here):

Image courtesy of WSOC-TV.
Image courtesy of WSOC-TV

Obama’s approval ratings here in NC have been hovering between the 40 – 49% mark for over a year – and depending on who his GOP 2012 opponent is, he may have a tougher fight here than his campaign is anticipating. Case in point: TX Gov. Rick Perry.

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