NY Slimes: Maybe right wing bloggers are partly responsible for Norway attacks

MediaAbsofreakinlutely shameless (via Patterico).

I’m not even going to quote anything other than the headline. The article is crammed full of baseless insinuations about prominent bloggers/writers here in the US (and a few in Europe) whose primary focus is to preach about the dangers of Islam, and the NYT is desperate to try and milk the “Christian right winger did it!!” tactic for all its worth – simply because the Norway terrorist referenced quotes from some of those writers in his “manifesto.” There’s one throw-away quote from an “expert” in the NYT piece about how these writers shouldn’t be blamed, but otherwise the entire article makes it clear: Yes, they should be.

And not only that, the last few paragraphs play the “they all do it” card, too. Hate to say it but … Toldjah So. Again.

Oh, and about that headline. Here’s how it reads (bolded emphasis added by me):

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.

Can’t these professional “journalists” ever get it right? It’s not “anti-Muslim” – it’s “anti-Islam.” Not all Muslims are Islamists. In fact, some of the most noteable speakers against Islam are Muslims themselves, some of who have received death threats, had to go into hiding, because they dared to criticize Islam. And as I’ve said before, I believe some who claim to be Islamic who really believe Islam is a “religion of peace” are not really full-fledged Islamists, because it’s very clear throughout the Koran that Islam is anything but.

BTW, the NYT wasn’t the only major media outlet to try and implicate right wing bloggers and writers in the Norway terrorist attacks. As Mark Steyn notes here, Canada’s Globe and Mail jumped right on board, mentioning him and other National Review writers as well as popular anti-Islamofascism writers and commentators.

Just when you think the left wing media (and their liberal allies at blogs, on opinion pages, and on news commentary programs) can’t outdo themselves they do so all over again. Here’s how their “logic” works: Violent passages in the Koran can’t in any way be to blamed for frequent Islamic acts of terrorism around the globe, but right wing bloggers who preach against the dangers of passively sitting back and hoping the threat will go away can partly be blamed when lone fruitcakes reference them in their “manifestos.”

If the left were any more predictable, it’d be a joke. These people are absolutely shameless.

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