Newsweek’s Bachmann “Rage” cover

Posted by: ST on August 8, 2011 at 11:10 am

Honestly, is anyone surprised by this kind of crap anymore? I’m not. 

The MSM is even more so than ever before in full throttle “bash the Tea Party” mode as Campaign 2012 continues full swing.  And any GOP candidate who sides with the Tea Party and other conservatives when it comes to fiscal and social issues gets tarred and feathered with that same “crazy” brush, and Bachmann is no exception.  Of course, Bachmann also has the “female GOP candidate” monkey on her back, which the MSM – in harmony with liberal pundits and elite “Republican” types like David Brooks – never wastes an opportunity to point out in some subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) way or another, by portraying conservative GOP candidates like Bachmann and potential candidates like Palin as “not all there”, insinuating that you’d have to be a pretty loopy female to not be a “feminist Democrat.”

It’d be nice if someone, anyone in the MSM could think outside of the box when it came to female conservatives, treating them with the same respect that prominent liberal women get – but I won’t hold my breath.  It’s just too easy to assume the worst because, my gosh, what sane woman wouldn’t want to be a liberal feminist?! 8-|

Sigh. This gets so, so old after a while. 

Michele Bachmann on the cover of Newsweek


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  • 8 Responses to “Newsweek’s Bachmann “Rage” cover”


    1. Phineas says:

      The choice of photo is revealing, too, as they obviously looked for something that would make Bachmann look deranged. Palin’s received similarly shabby treatment, as did Hillary once the media had decided Obama was its darling.

    2. Dennis D says:

      So Unprofessional. I used to think highly of Tina Brown. Not so much now.

    3. PE says:

      They will build a “macaque” moment where none exists, pandering to their dull witted, excitable, readers.

    4. Lee Howell says:

      Did they photoshop that white line over her irises? I can’t tell for sure.

    5. Lorica says:

      Do we really expect these people not to do stuff like this??? They think they are being smart, cut they are being big cry babies. – Lorica

    6. fearthesame says:

      This is Tina Brown-era newsweek. I half expect Princess Diana to be going on all kung-fu on her.

    7. captaingrumpy says:

      Let them have their little games,there nothing else for them to feel happy about.