Wisconsin Senate recall election results – useful links

I stand with Gov. WalkerPolls close in Wisconsin in about 5 minutes.

6 GOP state senators supportive of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s “get tough” approach to union coddling have been targeted the state’s pro-union “gimme” crowd, and tonight we’ll find out whether or not the millions poured in from Big Labor special interest groups outside the state will have its desired effect. WisPolitics.com is reporting a projected “near presidential level” turnout.

Here are a few places you can go to get up to the minute results and/or commentary on today’s Wisconsin recall election:

Michelle Malkin will be liveblogging. The #WIRecall hashtag is already on fire on Twitter, with all kinds of comments and updates – coming from the left and the right. The Associated Press’ results page is here (via @Michael_Haz). Politisite has an alternative link for election results as they come in (via @KerryPicket). Last but not least: this link for election results.

As they say, stay tuned …

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