Dear GOP: Demand Dems explain what is “extremist” about their conservative opposition

Posted by: ST on August 13, 2011 at 11:20 am

Spin vs TruthNot that it was a profound thought or anything, but it hit me during Thursday night’s GOP debates, when I was reading Tweets from the official Democrat party Tweet page about how the debate line-up was the most “extreme” in history – or something to that effect – that it’s high time the GOP demand Democrat party rank and file politicians and “leaders” to define what exactly it is about the conservative agenda today that is “extreme.”

Ask them why they think lowering taxes so businesses will be more likely to create jobs in a sagging economy is “extreme.” Ask them why they think giving more healthcare choices back to the individual by way of repealing ObamaCare is “extreme.” Ask them why Republican Governors are “extreme” when they seek to curtail union excesses yet when Democrat Governors do it, they are just “misguided”? Ask them why, in an era where the term “extremist” is almost always used to describe ideological terrorists, that they are using that same term to describe their political opposition. Ask the President himself whether or not he, who called for a “New Tone” in politics after the attempted assassination of Rep. Giffords in January, approves of leaders of his party – including his right-hand man David Axelrod – characterizing his/their political opposition as “extreme.”

As Washington, DC grows more divided on ideological grounds, it’s time we had this debate. For years, we’ve all watched as Democrats have – with the help of the mainstream media – gotten to define the parameters of the debate, and if we allow them to, they’ll get away with it again as they ratchet up the accusations of “right wing extremism.” Make no mistake about it: This is a calculated move by Democrats, espeically in light of the horrific murders in Norway a few weeks ago by a “right wing extremist”, to paint their opposition as “extremist” in their own right – which gets people who don’t follow politics closely to wonder just “how extreme” … when in reality the conservative agenda of low taxes and individual responsibility should not be considered the “extreme” – it should be considered essential for the survival of our Republic.

I’m sick of Democrats getting away with labeling people they disagree with as “racists” and “extremists” and “terrorists” etc when I know darned well I’m not, and the party I support is not. I’m also sick of the Democrats being trotted out as the “party of the compassionate” – sorry, but they lost any claim to “compassionate” the day they made the legalization of the termination of unborn children their top no-compromise issue. They also lost that claim when they started making excuses for murderers and rapists and other violent criminals by pushing the idea that “society” was partly to blame for the despicable acts of the guilty, and therefore as a result we should be softer on criminals than they deserve.

This isn’t just an ideological war. It’s a war of words. Democrats have been redefining words for decades to suit their agenda, almost to the point that those words don’t mean anything universal anymore. For example, you’re a racist if you hate black people – that’s universal, but if you don’t support this President’s radical left-wing agenda, to Democrats that makes you a racist, too. It’s time for the GOP, conservatives, and other like-minded individual to take this war of words right back to them by demanding they define the words they use – sans the stupid spin games. Then let the American public decide whether or not it’s extreme.

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9 Responses to “Dear GOP: Demand Dems explain what is “extremist” about their conservative opposition”


  1. Carlos says:

    Been sayin’ it for years, ST. If one were to straightline graph politics in this country from 1900, then do the same for 2011, one would find both parties have moved to the left.

    The difference is, the Democraps have moved to the EXTREME left, while the Repubs have moved to what was pretty much center-of-the-road 111 years ago.

    Soooo, I wonder who’s extreme?

    Just one more case of the jackasses hijacking the language to fit their own extremist views.

  2. Auntie_Maim says:

    Perhaps a new definition of the word “extreme” is in order, to mean “one who holds fast to one’s principles despite vociferous opposition.” Whaddaya think?

  3. Kate says:

    It is all about “redefining” terminology. Applying labels is a very lazy way to define anything and Democrats should be taken to task for doing a very shabby job of explaining why Republicans/Conservatives are deemed “extremists” if they ask for smaller governement, balancing a budget and cutting the out of control spending that has become a way of life for the beltway set. It should be challanged at every step of Obama’s campaign. We should show up at all his stops and question him about this and explain how he has done anything to reconcile any differences in Washington, DC.

    But, I won’t hold my breath….I will, however, expect to see the Obama Trash-o-matic in action. No ideas, nothing to discuss or debate.

  4. captaingrumpy says:

    You cannot argue with a man that is obsessed with an agenda fit for destruction. Republicans on too many cases have let the argument go and thereby conceding defeat.
    I think it’s time to act,but getting into an argument is not the way. Actions speak louder than words.

  5. Rebecca says:

    ST – you are absolutely right. Dems use the word racist like a 5 year-old uses the word stupid. They just are unable to articulate actual concerns so they resort to name-calling.

  6. Ken Gardner says:

    So many good points in this post that I don’t even know where to start. Thank you.

  7. raugaj says:

    I’ve said this for years, all political conflict takes place left of the constitution. I always challenge my lib friends to name one thing (other than the balanced budget amendment) that the tea party wants that isn’t already in the constitution. Everytime, crickets.

  8. 2/ 325th AIR says:

    :d If my wanting less government control over my personal life, the right to spend the money “I” earn on what I choose, the right to actually keep most of the money I earn, the right not to support those who will not support themselves, the right to defend and protect my family against ‘domestic’ enemies, by force, if necessary,and the right to believe in God in whatever way I choose to believe, makes me extreme…then so be it!!! Extreme I am and extreme I’ll be till the end!:)>-