Obama’s MSDNC network selectively edits video to make Rick Perry look racist

Really. You have to see it to really get the full impact:

(Video link)

Stay with it all the way til the end. Trust me on this.

As a reminder, this isn’t the first time MSDNC has selectively edited a video to make conservative appear racist. Remember during the ObamaCare townhalls the meme that was going around about how some of the those in the “mob” opposed Obama on the basis of his race so much that they wanted him dead? MSDNC edited a video that made it look like a white man was at an Obama rally carrying a gun – but they cut off the guy’s head from the clip so you couldn’t see that it was a … black guy. That clip they used on one of their newsy morning shows, not one of their opinion shows where you’d expect something like that to happen – as was the case here on the Ed Schultz show.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If raaaacism were such a problem in the Republican party, Democrat politicos and their allies on the press would not have to distort, misrepresent, sensationalize, and outright concoct BS stories about all the the allegedly racist things GOPers say and do. But the dirty little secret on the left is that racism is not epidemic in the Republican party, nor is it amongst Tea Partiers, nor is it amongst conservatives. You’ll find a few here and there, but it’s not any worse than what you’ll find in the Democrat party – where they practice the worst form of racism: The soft bigotry of low expections.

People, I can’t stress this enough: The mainstream media, commentators, columnists, bloggers, etc on the left – and on the Elite Right (think David Frum and the like) – are going full court press on Rick Perry right now, and it’s because they’re scared out of their minds that The Chosen One, whose approval ratings are fizzling as we speak, is going to get knocked off his throne next year – to be replaced by another Texas “Rethuglican” who reminds them all too much of the swaggering, confounding GWB, who they collectively viewed as a bigger enemy to the United States that OBL himself. As Perry’s star continues to rise, expect more of this to happen – including attacks on his faith (as we’ve already seen), the way he carries himself, his manner of speaking, etc. And there will be an unprecedented digging into his history (going back decades) that the mainstream media and the Democrat faithful deliberately failed to do when then-Senator Obama was just a candidate for President. And those of us in the opinion media who DID question him loudly and often were, of course, viewed then – as is the case now – as “racists.”

There is very little in this world uglier to see than Democrats when their backs are against the political wall. They will say and do anything almost literally anything to save their behinds, up to including attempting to destroy via shameless demagoguery and outright lies the distinguished political careers of Republicans who have spent a good bit of their lives working in the public sector serving the people and earning the respect of the community/state. That will ring especially true in this case, considering that Gov. Rick Perry has a lot more executive experience (much of it successful) and the trust of a majority of the people the state of Texas than the current Oval Office occupant (who has been, in case you were wondering, a miserable failure for the last three years in his role as the country’s CEO) has in this country. Democrats are more fearful of Perry than they are of Bachmann and of Romney.


They know Perry can win.

Update – 6:07 PM: The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein weighs in with this jewel:

FLASHBACK:In ’09,Obama used “dark cloud” metaphor

Heh. (via Ben Howe)

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