The Congressional Black Caucus Job Fair photo of the day

Posted by: ST on August 19, 2011 at 5:38 pm

At the top of this ABC News report about a CBC-sponsored job fair in Atlanta, GA we have the below photo (hat tip):

Job fair in Atlanta, GA

Thousands of people wait in line during a job fair, sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011, on the campus of Atlanta Technical College in Atlanta. (Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal & Constitution/AP Photo)

From the article itself:

Thousands of unemployed waited overnight, camping out in their business suits and office heels and braving the tormenting heat in Atlanta to stand in line for a job fair Thursday. Authorities treated 20 people for heat exhaustion as they struggled to keep the line moving and get people moved inside.

The incredible turnout at the job fair comes on the heels of the state labor commissioner’s announcement that Georgia’s jobless rate rose.

The state unemployment rate increased to 10.1 percent in July from the 9.9 percent in June. The unemployment rate for African-Americans stands at 15.9 percent, far above the national rate of 9.1 percent.

July marks the 48th consecutive month that Georgia has exceeded the national unemployment rate.

The line was full of hopefuls who waited for hours in a line that wrapped around the Atlanta Technical College where the event was held.

The For the People Jobs Initiative, hosted by U.S. Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson and sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, is a series of job fairs and town halls at some of the urban areas hit hardest by unemployment and the financial crisis.

Doesn’t it strike you as mildly ironic that the CBC sponsored this job fair, considering it’s the CBC and their party leaders – including the President himself – who are the most responsible for the dismal state of this economy, which has seen people being out of work not just for a few weeks or months – but years – thanks in no small part to the left’s visceral hatred of “big business” and “the rich” and “people who fly corporate jets”?

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Update – 5:56 PM: A Twitter friend brought up the contrast of the above photo with the ones of President Obama at Martha’s Vineyard. It couldn’t be more stark.

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13 Responses to “The Congressional Black Caucus Job Fair photo of the day”


  1. Tamara says:

    The sad thing is, when you read comments from people who were there, that a large number of the jobs were with the government with an on-line application process. So they stood in line to be directed to a web site.

  2. H Hazell says:

    I believe the best thing black Americans can do is go into work late on 6 Nov 2012 and think to themselves, “I made the effort to find work and succeeded in spite of Barack Obama.” and then mark their ballot for someone other than he.

  3. bob jones says:

    Don’t anyone think this isn’t intentional. This is that “Yes We Can” and ” Hope and Change” that was voted for, the fools who voted for it just didn’t know that this was actually the real change they had in mind. Well, at least we know one family enjoying a long, luxurious vacation.

  4. John says:

    ST, I have to disagree with you on this one. You can make this stuff up. The Dems have been making up things since at least 1933.

  5. Since 2007, I tried to tell black people what Obama was a phony. That he had no intentions on helping black only. That he only wanted their vote. I was ridiculed, threaten, and scolded. However, I am being vindicated now.

    And, the CBC is a joke. I agree with the previous poster; they were (and are) one of the main drivers causing black people to settle for dependency status.

    Other people’s money eventually runs out.

  6. tonynoboloney says:

    I just don’t feel right having a laugh on 1000’s of unemployed people.

  7. Dennis D says:

    I wonder what would happen if a few white folks jumped on this line looking for a job?

  8. John Bibb says:

    The Congressional (communist) Black Caucus went to Cuba and praised Fidel and Raul Castro’s evil government a few years ago. They are socialists, marxists, and communists. Unemployment is not one of their big worries–they work to transform the U.S.A. into their dream of the new United Socialist States of Amerika. A little “collateral damage” is acceptable to reach their goals.
    And guess which high unemployment group will soon see worse problems when the Illegal Alien Amnesty being implemented by Presidential Fiat kicks into overdrive soon.

  9. George Robinson says:

    Proving yet again that irony and humor depend on whose Ox is being gored. The quick answer is “I told them communism doesn’t work, never has, never will” If my company was bigger I’d go hire all of them, they just voted for the black guy, those are the folk paying the price of wine and dine psuedo intellectual liberals.
    The disgusting part is I, and many of my philosophy, could fix all this in months implementing a very short list. The saddest part is we same guys don’t give a damn at all about race etc. Just the stupid waste.

  10. nina says:

    I wonder how Peggy the mush is doing. She was the one screaming on a video that when BO got elected she wouldn’t have to worry about paying for gas ,mortgage etc.

  11. Carlos says:

    @John (#4): It’s been happening in elite groups since Marx and Darwin wrote their ponderous tomes, and accelerated under Teddy R. and Wilson.

    @Dennis D (#7): we’d have an Atlanta version of a “flash mob,” which is simply another way of saying a bunch of folks decided to go criminal and trash other people and the stuff they worked their butts off for.