“The Donkey Whisperer”: The best #Campaign2012 video yet!

The below video is a campaign video put out by the Roger Williams for Congress campaign. Williams (R) is running Texas’ newly created Congressional District 33 (via Reboot Congress):

Absolutely hilarious! What an creative idea.

I don’t know anything about Williams, but I read this afternoon that he is running against another Republican Williams – Michael Williams – who claims that Roger Williams cozies up to Democrats:

Former Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams and former Secretary of State Roger Williams — both of whom lagged in fundraising as they campaigned for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s seat — have pivoted into the newly created 33rd Congressional District that will cover north Texas.

And the gloves are already off.

Just hours after Roger Williams announced his move, the Michael Williams campaign tarred its primary opponent as a car dealer who cozies up to Democrats.

“Our campaign looks forward to contrasting Michael Williams’ proven lifetime record of consistent, courageous, steady conservative leadership with Roger’s record of self-promotion & personal advancement,” read a statement from Michael Williams’ campaign spokesman, William Fullerton.

“Announcing for Congress with Democrats by your side paints a clear contrast between the two: Roger will cozy up with the liberals & the Washington elite while Michael Williams will hold them to account. Washington politicians are way too cozy already.”

Well, he certainly was cozying up to the donkeys in that video, wasn’t he? ;)

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