Obama cracks jokes about devastating Texas wildfires

Posted by: Phineas on September 26, 2011 at 3:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

You know, beneath the cool exterior of the basketball-playing hipster president, behind the facade of the partisan class warrior, there lurks a core truth — Barack Obama is a jackass:

While at a highdollar fundraiser San Jose, California, President Obama ridiculed Rick Perry.

“You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change.” Obama said to laughter and applause, and added, “No, no, it’s true!”

Perry was understandably angered: Obama repeatedly refused to issue a disaster declaration for last spring’s wildfires, in which thousands of homes were destroyed. I bet the families whose houses have been reduced to cinders thought it was really funny. Just as Texan Bryan Preston:

Once again, Barack Obama has shown that he is unworthy of the office he holds. Droughts are just part of nature. They happen, no matter what mankind does. This year Texans have had 1,500 homes burn, thousands of acres torched, livestock and crops and even lives lost, and Obama turns that into a craven partisan hit on the state’s governor. What an idiot. What a partisan jacksnipe.

Leave aside Obama’s scientific ignorance (1) that ascribes all bad weather to the demon “Climate Change,” this need to use the genuine suffering of fellow Americans to mock a political foe is more than just callous or insensitive; it show a basic lack of empathy (2). In fact, referring to a recent foot-in-mouth moment the President had in front of the Congressional Black Caucus, PJM’s Spengler wondered, perhaps only half-satirically, if Barack Obama isn’t a sociopath, one of the marks of which is an inability to empathize with others.

I’ll leave that to people with psychology degrees; for me, this is just further proof that Obama not only is incompetent, he’s not even a likeable person.

Our president is a jerk.

(1) As Preston says, drought happens. Far from being the fault of “greenhouse gases” and Man’s sins against Gaea, droughts in Texas are a normal part of the La Nina phase of the recurring El Nino/La Nina cycle in the Pacific.
(2) Ironic, for a guy who made a big thing about appointing judges with empathy.

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19 Responses to “Obama cracks jokes about devastating Texas wildfires”


  1. zane says:

    I live in a Texas county that just recently lost 1,557 homes due to a wild fire that was 40,000 acres big. Of course, Obama sent a couple of FEMA people who handed out the 1-800 number for FEMA. You couldn’t get through, the line was constantly busy, but we did get the number. Maybe in a few months we can get an actual live person to talk to.

    In the meantime, Texans, not Obama, stepped up the plate finding places for over 4,000 people, who had NOTHING left, to live. Texans clothed them, feed them, helped them sift through the ashes trying to find something, anything, left of what was once probably their entire lives, their homes.

    Governor Perry begged Obama for a pre-disaster FEMA approval for my county in August which would have allowed federal assistance immediatly. It was denied. The fires started the first week of September.

    I can tell you that the people in my county view this as deliberate. Obama punishing Texas because of Perry’s opposition to him. Let a little wind and water hit a blue state and Obama’s on top of it. 4,000 homeless due to fires in one Texas county, and we don’t hear a word from Obama. Hell, the FEMA director didn’t even bother to come to my county. Just sent his lackies.

    Good luck carrying Texas’ electoral votes Obama. You couldn’t get elected dog catcher in my county.

  2. dwalk says:

    I never thought I would say this about the POTUS any POTUS but that man is a P.O.S..

  3. listingstarboard says:

    Droughts happen just like Hurricanes happen–but that didn’t seem to matter in Louisiana did it. I guess it just depends on the color and socioeconomic status of the victims.

  4. koparosti says:


    Why thanks for reminding us that it was Texans who came through in that one as well. And Democrats playing politics delayed help while worrying about optics……..

  5. Rob says:

    Over the course of the last 2.5 years I have tried to temper my dislike for the policies of the current president with “Ya know, he probably is a nice guy, I just don’t agree with the man’s politics.” I even excused the stupid remark he made about hanging on to guns and religion as just something that is said on the campaign trail. But his continued baffoonary has finally reached a tipping point for me with this most recent callow and tasteless remark about the Texas wildfires. I will have to agree with Preston, the dude is a jacksnipe. And I will add that Obama is an elitist snob that cares not a wit about the average Joe. 2012 cannot come soon enough.

  6. David Christensen says:

    I report all of Baaawaak Obaaama’s baffoonery and just plain ignorance of the facts to the website AttackWatch.com. This is the site devoted to dispelling the “smears” directed at his arrogancy. Join me and deluge this site with the truth about how he is ruining this great country. God Bless the USA and Texas.

  7. ST says:

    Man, this guy is a dope. C’mon, Nov. 2012.

  8. A Stephens says:

    So,..I’m scratching my head here, but,…as president of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, does that not include Texas and Texans as well? Seriously, WTF? So this progressive limp-wrist considers himself president only of those who agree with him and kiss his ass? Everyone else is fodder for partisan rhetoric?

    Enough. This guy is the single most divisive, polarizing, ideologically partisan, not to mention wholly unqualified (both temperamentally and in lack of ability) hack ever to achieve the office.

  9. James says:

    Our cousins in Texas have told us about the drought. Meanwhile we in the Missouri River basin are just beginning to recover from the longest lasting flood in the history of the Missouri River.

    Some of our land has been under water since early June.The expense here is one reason FEMA needs more money.

    Obama campaigned in eastern Iowa twice and he couldn’t be bothered to symbolically visit the flood zone.

    This is no longer political. It is personal.

  10. Tim Barnes says:

    What about the contract with Aero Union that was canceled by the Forest Service(a gov’t agency)? Sure could have used those planes and their fire retardant in Texas. It’s a good thing Texas and the Southwest are on good terms with Los Diablos. They don’t care what side of the river the fire is, they come when asked, they work their butts off and they are well disciplined. That’s not to take anything away from firefighters from Texas and all across the country who fought the fires in Texas. The point is, firefighters from Mexico always make themselves available while our own government cancels contracts and determines need based on politics. Obama never expected to win Texas in 2012, so what the hell does he care if Texas burns?

  11. Carlos says:

    When D.C. is buried under two feet of snow this winter, and temperatures drop into the minus-teens, will he mock the global-cooling deniers?

    Just askin’.

  12. TC says:

    The President who was supposed to unite the country and cross racial barriers is the most divisive,partisan President in the history of the US!Because of his qualities,he is also the worst President in history.

  13. Brontefan says:

    This Elitist has a habit of making jokes about things that are not really funny! Like the southern border, which he & Nepolitano insist is safer than it’s ever been, and I wonder if the Terry family think the gun runner ATF debacle is funny! For a man who insists he’s the president of ALL Americans, he certainly has NO PROBLEM singling out the ones he likes and wants to succeed. And …yes.. he is the worst president EVER!

  14. Kate says:

    Of course, Obama was at a fundraiser with his pets…who fawn all over him and then throw money! Enough of this partisan, unqualified mess of a political hack…bring on 2012!

    Please note..this is not a racist statment.

  15. Aarradin says:

    Obama denied TX’s request to have the wildfires declared a disaster. This prevented them from getting help from the federal government.

    Meanwhile, Obama sent 2 C130’s that are specially equipped to fight fires from Colorado to MEXICO to help the Mexican govt fight fires.

    And now he’s taunting Perry over these same fires? Are you f’ing kidding me?


  16. Sefton says:

    In the meantime, Texans, not Obama, stepped up the plate finding places for over 4,000 people, who had NOTHING left, to live. Texans clothed them, feed them, helped them sift through the ashes trying to find something, anything, left of what was once probably their entire lives, their homes.

    As a Texan, I see this happening all the time and especially of late with the wildfires. Our family helped as much as we could, just like our neighbors did as well. Texans don’t sit around waiting on the Feds or any other government agency – if they can help, fine; if not, get out of our way and let us do it.

    As far as Maobama’s comments…
    he continually reminds me of the jackass I’ve seen since day one. Nothing he says even surprises me anymore.

  17. Chris Bennett says:

    And yet, the only thing keeping this assclown’s approval ratings from cratering are that over %50 of Americans like him as a person. Why?

  18. mike in Baltimoe says:

    Havent any of you noticed? He has gone out of his way to screw the Gulf(btw all red)states since he came in to office. Look at the BP Fiasco. He has killed drilling in the gulf to put the hurt on the industry. He’s a small man. He’s petty, childish, and arrogant. He will go down as the worst president in US history, Bar none.

  19. Carlos says:

    I doubt seriously that one could find even one shrink in the entire country who would dub Duh-1 as a sociopath, although he exhibits all the classic behaviors of one.

    But what do I know? I’m not a shrink, I just pay attention to peoples’ behaviors…

    Probably why I’m considered a conservative – I count results as more important than intentions.