VIDEO: Young woman proudly talks about aborting baby – w/ “responsibility” poster in background

You really cannot make this up:

In case you don’t care to sit through the video, the young woman talks about how she had gotten pregnant, had a baby, and got pregnant again 9 months later and didn’t have the money to raise another baby, and struggled to find the money to abort her second child.

I pray for young women like this one, that they one day see the light.

Courtesy of the pro-teen sex site “Advocates for Youth” by way of the “1 in 3 Campaign” – a campaign designed to encourage women to “come out of the closet” and feel no shame about their abortion(s) since allegedly, according to the 1 in 3 Campaign, 1 in 3 women “will have an abortion in their lifetime.”

BTW, the fireworks have started as LifeNews reported today that Congress will be investigating Planned Parenthood:

A Congressional committee has taken the first steps in investigating the Planned Parenthood abortion business over abuses ranging from financial disparities to its compliance with federal regulations on taxpayer funding to concerns that it is covering up cases of sex trafficking.

In a September 15 letter obtained, Rep. Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican who is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Investigations, writes to Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood.

“Pursuant to Rules X and XI of the United States House of Representatives, the Committee on Energy and Commerce is examining the institutional practices and policies of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and its affiliates, and its handing of federal funding,” Stearns writes. “That Committee has questions about the politics in place and actions undertaken by PPFA and its affiliates relating to its use of federal funding and its compliance with federal restrictions on the funding of abortion.”

Make sure to read the full article.

As you can expect, Democrats are outraged:

Reps. Henry Waxman of California and Diana DeGette of Colorado, both Democrats, responded to the Stearns letter with their own missive dated today complaining about the broad reach of the investigation and the documents requested, which they call “far-reaching.”

“We question the basis for the investigation and whether Planned Parenthood is being singled out as part of a Republican vendetta,” the Democrats claim, saying the request for extensive financial and policy documents is “extraordinarily broad and burdensome.”

“The letter asks Planned Parenthood and all 83 of its affiliates for internal audit reports covering up to a 12-year period, for state audits covering a 20-year-period, for detailed information about any improper billing, and for sensitive information about the services and referral practices of Planned Parenthood affiliates and clinics,” the letter reads. “We are aware of no predicate that would justify this sweeping and invasive request to Planned Parenthood.”

They claim previous audits by the HHS Inspector General and state Medicaid programs “have not identified any pattern of misuse of federal funds, illegal activity, or any other abuse that would justify a broad and invasive congressional investigation.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if they put as much passion into defending the lives of the unborn rather than protecting the “rights” of mothers of unborn children to terminate that life? Sigh …

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