OMG! Racist cupcakes invade Berkeley!!

Posted by: Phineas on September 28, 2011 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Credit the College Republicans of UC Berkeley (1) for coming up with a brilliant way to make their point — and to recruit UCB’s humorless Left help in making it.

The background is that, many years ago, the people of California voted to end Affirmative Action ethnic and gender discrimination in the admissions process of the UC system. (2) The Left, however, has never given up trying to reinstate Affirmative Action re-legalize ethnic and gender discrimination. Their latest effort comes in the form of Senate Bill 185, passed by the legislature progressive oligarchy in Sacramento on September 9th and currently awaiting Governor Brown’s signature or veto.

The College Republicans decide to protest the bill by engaging in satire: they set up a table selling cupcakes, the price of which was determined by the customer’s ethnicity and gender — Whites were charged $2, while Blacks, Hispanics, Asians,woman, and almost any other minority one could think of were charged varying lesser amounts. The result was a predictable howl from the perpetually outraged Left, screaming that this was discrimination, to which the College Republicans would agree and ask “then doesn’t this make SB 185, which does exactly the same thing, also wrong and discriminatory?”

As you can guess, this went right over the heads of the enlightened, educated progressives there.

Be sure to click through to PJM for Zombie’s photo-essay (language warning) of the cupcake sale and protest, and hats off to the UCB College Republicans.

(1) They still exist at Berkeley? I thought they would have been hunted to extinction by the Progressive Tolerance Police. They must have secret hiding places in the steam tunnels…
(2) See? We’re not all a bunch of loopy Lefties out here.

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8 Responses to “OMG! Racist cupcakes invade Berkeley!!”


  1. Neo says:

    Come .. come

    This is an obvious attempt by the UC Berkley Republicans to curry favour with Native-American and Black women.

    This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with hormones.

    A cynic might even call this an “outreach.”

  2. Tex says:

    Read about this the past several days. The College Republicans were pretty gutsy to do this right in the Liberals own back yard to give them a taste of their own medicine. And the Liberals reacted as would have been predicted having to taste their own medicine when someone doesn’t agree with them. It was nice to see the UC Berkeley College Republicans receive support from neighboring university college Republican groups too.

    Good to see someone like the UC Berkeley College Republicans trying to keep real FREEDOM of expression and FREE speech alive in this country. Liberals sure don’t support FREE speech or FREEDOM of expression … they only support that speech and expression that agrees with their party line and work vigorously through efforts of threats and intimidation to prevent any opposing views being openly expressed.

    Way to go UC Berkeley College Republicans!!! Now we’ll just wait to see how long it will be before the Berkeley city council tries to pass an ordinance outlawing Republican groups on any college campus within their jurisdiction.

  3. Chris in N.Va says:

    How utterly “delicious” and creatively in-your-face.

    When some moral-relativist once dogmatically (not cattily, though) proclaimed to me that there positively were no absolutes I, of course, asked him if he was completely sure of that.

    He replied, “Absolutely!”

    Naturally he became a bit unhinged and incoherent when I dared to challenge the “absoluteness” of that statement.

    I guess it’s not only the lower animal forms that are completely self-unaware.

  4. Aarradin says:

    Couldn’t help but notice how the media reported the story.

    The bake sale was labelled ‘controversial’.

    The institutionalized racial preferences in college admissions? Not labeled, and barely mentioned at all.

  5. Aarradin says:

    Californians voted to AMEND THEIR CONSTITUTION to end racial preferences in college admissions. The Amendment withstood judicial scrutiny.

    Therefore, the current bill passed by the Socialists controlling the CA state legislature and awaiting signature of Moonbeam Brown is directly contrary to the clear intent of the CA State Constitution.

    Not only is the bill ‘wrong and discriminatory’ it is also Unconstitutional.

  6. Phineas says:


    I was going to say SB185 was likely to be overturned in the CA Supreme Court, but then I remembered Goodwin Liu had recently been confirmed as its newest justice. I fear we’re in for a long period of a “living” CA constitution.

  7. Carlos says:

    “Living,” Phineas? The way I see it, what with the court y’all have now, ya pretty much got a dead-in-the-water Constitution fer a piece.

    And what ever were the UCB Repubs thinking? Didn’t they realize the whackos would have to connect the dots, a process waaaay beyond their mental capabilities?

    Chris, why did you slander the lower animal forms by comparing their superior mental awareness to whackos? Heck, I’ve seen amoebae under a microscope that were more self-aware than the majority of statists, and they weren’t trying to take control of my life!