Deep discussion of the day: The View on who and who can’t say the “n-word”

Posted by: ST on October 3, 2011 at 6:19 pm

We’ll call it “Dumbonomics”:

In the ‘Hot Topics’ segment on “The View” this morning, the ladies discussed a Washington Post story about a rock with the word “Niggerhead” written on it at the gated entrance of a hunting camp leased and frequented by Rick Perry and his father.

Host Barbara Walters used the n-word while explaining the story, causing co-host Sherri Shepherd to take offense. Shepherd says she didn’t like the way Barbara Walters said it. However, Shepherd was okay with Whoopi Goldberg, the main host of “The View,” using it. Shepherd explained herself:

“When I heard you (Whoopi) say it, it was fine. You said it a different way. When I heard you (Barbara) say it, I didn’t like the way you said it. Because when you say it, you say [inaudible]. And I don’t like [inaudible],” Shepherd said.

This left Barbara Walters confused and wanted to know the proper way to say the n-word. However, Shepherd told Walters there is no right way for her to say it.

Walters said the n-word once in the segment while Whoopi Goldberg used the word nearly a dozen times.

If you have nothing better to do (and you probably do) and/or if you’re not prone to escalating blood pressure out of watching ‘enlightened’ liberals trying to make sense, check out video of the segment at the RCP link.

Someone please tell me why this show is still on the air.

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5 Responses to “Deep discussion of the day: The View on who and who can’t say the “n-word””


  1. Carlos says:

    Gosh, that’s funny. I think it’s culturally insensitive to say “Babwa Wawa” or “Whoopi Goldberg,” too, because they connote that which is extremely offensive to me.

    Who do I take that complaint to, the NAACP? There’s got to be some language police around somewhere, ’cause there’s always people getting offended by such culturally trashy language.

    On a more serious note, though, by the early 80s such a name (and that was the name of the area for decades if not a century or more) should have been changed for simple decency, and the Perry family should rightfully be held in public shame for continuing the use of that name for years. It may have taken some legal footwork to get that done, but the way I understand it they certainly had the bucks to do it.

  2. Average joe says:

    Carlos, Perry’s family doesn’t own the property, they have no control over what the ranch was called. Perry said that when he first heard about the rock in the 80’s he asked his father to have it painted over and it was, more than 25 years ago. The WaPo article in question shows no image at all of the rock, and uses unnamed sources to slander Perry. Even Democrat Party Texans and blacks are coming to Perry’s defense. But you can bet you won’t hear that from The Democrat Party Media. Now, how do you feel about Obama stumping with NBPP criminals and racists?

  3. PE says:

    I heard that the Perry family hosted an annual minstrel show, called the macaca follies, at this ranch. Don’t nobody tell the WaPo.

  4. Carlos says:

    Didn’t say they owned it, Joe, just said they could have had the name changed for a few bucks.

    And as far as Obhammud datin’ the NBPP, why is that so distressing when he hangs with animals like Ayers, Dorne, Jarrett and Holder? The only use ethics is to him is to cherry pick who he’s going to scam and the size of the scam.

  5. Susan says:

    Someone please tell me why this show is still on the air.

    Because the majority of females are Doprahfried.

    All the Kings and their men are corrupt because all that their women care about is maintaining their ability to butcher their children