Comedy Gold: Truck containing TOTUS and other communication equipment stolen

Because we really need something to laugh about these days:

A van containing presidential communications material has been recovered and is awaiting the arrival of President Obama, who is bringing his bus tour in support of the jobs program to Virginia.

A spokeswoman for the Defense Information Systems Agency confirmed the theft and recovery in an email on Tuesday. The incident, which is under investigation, was first reported by NBC12 in Richmond, Va.

“A government vehicle was stolen and has been recovered,” the spokeswoman said. “No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle. We take incidents such as this very seriously, and a formal investigation is continuing in coordination with relevant law enforcement agencies.”

According to the station, the truck was stolen from the Virginia Center Commons Courtyard Marriott near Richmond, where it was parked. The truck contained a teleprompter, $200,000 worth of audio equipment and the presidential seals that are placed on Obama’s lectern.

The truck was recovered at 12:30 p.m. on Monday at a Holiday Inn Express near the Richmond airport. It was unknown whether the items had been recovered.

Hmmm. Has TOTUS staged an elaborate escape to join up in solidarity with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, or is he sending out distress signals to his number one fan? Enquiring minds wanna know …

5 thoughts on “Comedy Gold: Truck containing TOTUS and other communication equipment stolen

  1. And in other news, the president, minus TOTUS, was able to give a 24 minute speech with only 21.72 minutes of “uhhs” in it.

    Not that that made any difference, because none of it made any sense anyway.

  2. Maybe it wasn’t stolen. Maybe the Teleprompter is sick of being associated with Obama, so, like many Democrats these days, it tried to get as far away from him as possible.

  3. I heard on the police scanner that the cops and FBI are on the lookout for a truck being driven by TOTUS.

    You may be on to something there, GWR, but the typical Democrap doesn’t usually steal from the guvmint, they steal from working folk and what they’ve worked for, to redistribute to others less fortunate. Like themselves.

    Like confiscatory taxes and such.

    Oh! Did I just call Congress thieves?

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