Los Angeles to #OccupyLA : “Please take this land in tribute and don’t hurt us!”

Posted by: Phineas on November 22, 2011 at 2:14 pm

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When the Vandals looted Rome in 455 A.D., they at least had to capture the city first before sacking it. Their successors here in Los Angeles, however, don’t have to go to such trouble.

We’ll just pay tribute, instead:

Los Angeles officials have offered Occupy L.A. protesters a package of incentives that includes downtown office space and farmland in an attempt to persuade them to abandon their camp outside of City Hall, according to several demonstrators who have been in negotiations with the city.

The details of the proposal were revealed Monday during the demonstration’s nightly general assembly meeting by Jim Lafferty, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild who has been advocating on behalf of the protest since it began seven weeks ago.

Lafferty said city officials have offered protesters a $1-a-year lease on a 10,000-square-foot office space near City Hall. He said officials also promised land elsewhere for protesters who wish to farm, as well as additional housing for the contingent of homeless people who joined the camp.

A spokesman for the mayor would not comment on the proposal, saying only: “We are in negotiations with organizers of Occupy L.A.”

Los Angeles has been one of the most accommodating cities in the nation for its Occupy encampment.

No kidding. Even the pusillanimous Mayor Quan of Oakland finally had enough and sent in the cops.

But Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa (he of the many affairs and illegal comped Laker tickets) has a spine made from the purest rubber, so that he can be even more of a wimp than Jean Quan or Michael Bloomberg: he won’t just refuse to enforce the law, he’s willing to give the Occupiers what they want — free stuff! (Okay, a dollar a year. Who’s quibbling?)

Now that’s a leader for you. We have to be tolerant, never mind the brandishing of weapons, public lewdness, and sexual assaults:

Five people at the Occupy L.A. encampment have been charged with separate crimes, including a man who allegedly exposed himself and commited a sex act in front of a child, officials said Tuesday.

Angele Chaidez, 21, faces one count of lewd conduct and one count of indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself and masturbating in front of several people, including children, Friday on the south steps of City Hall, said prosecutors with the L.A. city attorney’s office.

That same day, Zachary Isaac, 21, allegedly entered a woman’s tent and called her “Satan.” After the woman asked Isaac to leave, he allegedly punched her in the face with a closed fist. Prosecutors charged him with one count of battery resulting in injury.

Robert Holland Jr., 31, allegedly waved a knife at another person on Halloween, then resisted arrest, prosecutors said. He was charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, one count of disturbing the peace and one count of resisting arrest.

And let’s not forget blatant Jew-hatred.

But, no matter. “Free speech” is all that matters, forget the rights of the public to feel safe on public property. Forget the rights of small and micro-businessmen to earn a livelihood and who are seeing their businesses wrecked by Occupy LA. Forget everything else but the right of peaceful Occupiers to impose their will on everyone else.

Or else.

Okay, perhaps I’m being too hard on Mayor Villaraigosa. After all, he really is trying to do something about Occupy LA.

It’s called “appeasement.”

LINKS: More from The Jawa Report, Hot Air, and The Other McCain. From Jack Dunphy, an active-duty LAPD officer writing under a pseudonym: “Chief Beck is abetting the lawlessness.”

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28 Responses to “Los Angeles to #OccupyLA : “Please take this land in tribute and don’t hurt us!””


  1. H Hazell says:

    If I were representing the occupiers, I’d also negotiate for a waiver of the $1 fee and for furniture, office equipment, phones, computers, carpeting and office supplies. And, of course, daily free lunches for the 1000 people that will “utilize” the office space to “produce” something.

  2. MissJean says:

    I think that if I got on Facebook I could organize a protest with 400 people. I’ve always wanted a nice farm in California!

  3. Tex says:

    And I’m sure negotiations are on going as we write between Mayor Villaraigosa and the OWS protesters about also giving the OWS protestors civil servant status complete with salaries, vacation, medical insurance, and retirement benefits.

  4. Phineas says:

    In that case, Tex, this being LA, we’ll have to give them bonuses, too.

  5. MarkJ says:

    “The OWSers leaned on Tony V. and he gave them a piece of the City Hall action. And it was tribute, just like in the old country, except he was doing it here in America. And all Tony got from the OWSers was protection from other guys looking to rip him off. And that’s what it’s all about. That’s what the taxpayers could never understand. That what the OWSer crew does is offer protection for people who can’t go to the cops. That’s it. That’s all it is. They’re like the police department for social malcontents and Democrat bundlers.”

    (Apologies to “Goodfellas,” 1990)

  6. D-squared says:

    More like Dane-geld.

    “That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.”


  7. Shawn says:

    What a joke more tax dollars going down the drain for leftist ideas and programs. anyone else trying to get this spot would pay over 180k a year. OO and they want free electric and water that tax payers will pick up. No wonder LA and CA are going to hell in a handbasket.

  8. BK says:

    >Lafferty said city officials have offered protesters a $1-a-year lease

    This deal will fail in a heartbeat. Who among the #OccupyPrisonCell crowed even has a dollar? :)

  9. H Hazell says:

    Please…let them all move to LA!!!

  10. in_awe says:

    This will be a 10 yr deal at $1/year plus comped utilities for a total giveaway of $1.8MM+ to these law breakers. But then again Tony Villar has years of experience giving away taxpayer money by the truckload to illegal aliens. Seems that he has a real affection for the illegals in Los Angeles.

  11. Carlos says:

    @in_awe: those aren’t illegals, they’re voters, and Tony V just wants to make sure they understand who to vote for in every election.

  12. LAPhil says:

    Apparently the L.A. mob is finally going to have to clear out. Good to hear, I was really getting sick of looking at those ugly tents.