Cain to make “announcement” tomorrow regarding future of campaign

Posted by: ST on December 2, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Could this be the end? Fox News reports:

Herman Cain plans to make an announcement Saturday about his political future, as his campaign reels from new allegations about an extramarital affair.

Cain previously had said he was taking a “reassessment” of his presidential campaign in light of the allegations of the affair and additional claims of sexual harassment. He denies the claims but is heading home to Atlanta to confer with his wife, saying his family is his “No. 1 priority.”

Such comments have fueled speculation that Cain will drop out of the Republican race, but speaking Friday to supporters in South Carolina, he said only that he would make an announcement Saturday.

“Nobody is going to get me to make that prematurely,” he said. “That’s all there is to that. So tomorrow, we’re going to be opening our headquarters in northwest Georgia, where we will also clarify … exactly what the next steps are.”

Cain earlier told Fox News that while he’s spoken with his wife Gloria every day this week, he’ll be at home Friday “so we can sit down and talk face to face.”


Cain told Fox News on Thursday his wife does not doubt his vehement denials about the charges against him — including prior sexual harassment allegations — but the “media frenzy” is taking an emotional toll on his family.

“Many of my supporters, the response has been overwhelmingly positive that they are behind me, but I’ve got to consider family considerations first,” Cain said.

He said he could either decide to campaign “full speed ahead” or suspend his campaign. He said he would be willing to end the campaign if his wife asked him to — though Cain added that his wife wouldn’t do that, and the decision will be his to make.

But … is this “announcement” much ado about nothing “major”? Via CBS:

A senior adviser to the campaign tells CBS News and National Journal that Cain simply plans to announce the opening of a campaign office in Georgia.


The Washington Post, citing sources close to Cain’s campaign, reported Friday that Cain has invited his top donors and backers to Atlanta Saturday morning to “give them advance word of whether he intends to continue his campaign.”

One person who plans to attend the event said he expects Cain to end his candidacy, though another speculated that he would just express gratitude for his backers’ continued support. Cain is expected to hold a news conference following the meeting.

The campaign donation well is drying up. I expect him to drop out.

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5 Responses to “Cain to make “announcement” tomorrow regarding future of campaign”


  1. Dave B says:

    I expect he will suspend his campaign as well. Round one… the Left.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    All these scurillous rumors kicked up by Obhammud and his thug corps are living proof of the old saying that a cat may have ine lives but a lie can live forever.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    I think ST’s right. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

    And it’s not because of the orchestrated attacks by his rivals, whether Republican or Democrat (I suspect Drew is right and the Dems are behind it). It’s what came out of his own mouth in the Union-Leader interview this past week.

    He said it as though it were completely normal. I mean, what married man doesn’t give money to another woman for 13 years and not tell his wife about it? I’m sure every married man who’s reading this has just that sort of arrangement, right?

    Nope, that story doesn’t pass the “WTF?” test. And that’s why he’s history. If the campaign continues, he won’t be able to do a meet-and-greet with more than 3 voters before the question would come up again.

    So now, where do his voters go? A lot of them have already gravitated to Newt. I’m wondering if Perry won’t get another look from some of them (although I can’t say I like the prospect of a Perry-Obama debate).

  4. Kate says:

    This is sad….it should be pointed out that the MSM has allowed all this. In the day of JFK, you could be a notorious womanizer and it was kept quiet. FDR had a mistress while in office. And of course, we have Clinton’s infamous Monica as well as Paula Jones whose accusations were spurned by the media and a hatchet job was done on any woman who came forward with charges…even those who filed them! So why can’t we try to put this whole thing in context for Cain. He was in the business world, not a monastery. He has Stage IV cancer and you cannot image the stress this has on family life as well. Maybe his wife was not as understanding as we all think? Maybe he is not the pristine conservative that we all want our candidate to be, but neither is Newt. He is definitely a Washington outsider with business acumen…and a willingness to clean up the mess and lift the burden of the American taxpayer.

    If you want a true Conservative, family man and champion of life who is intelligent and knowledgeable about world affairs as well as the workings of Washington, the clear choice is Rick Santorum folks! Why isn’t he getting any attention from the MSM? Because he would be able to defeat Obama on a whole different level.

  5. John Bibb says:

    The Sarah’Cuda looks better all the time. Too bad she bailed out.