The Great Norwegian Butter Crisis

Posted by: Phineas on December 23, 2011 at 8:23 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Apparently there’s a country-wide shortage of butter in Norway, just as Christmas approaches and everyone needs butter for their Christmas cakes. The horror!

Anyway, some insensitive American comics have been making jokes about Norway’s butter trauma, and one brave Norwegian lad has decided to give us a piece of his butter-deprived mind:

So there. Don’t you butter-hogging Americans feel ashamed?

For background, read this article at Canada’s National Post. It seems the Great Norwegian Butter Crisis of 2011 is a sterling example of why government monopolies are far inferior to free markets.

Meanwhile, let’s have some pity on the poor, butter-less Norwegians, okay? No fair laughing! 

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14 Responses to “The Great Norwegian Butter Crisis”


  1. Yorkshire says:

    This time Euro-Socialism isn’t on the “slippery” slope.

  2. Carlos says:

    This is where Obhammud’s “Utopian Society” he envisions will take us all, except of course for the few who are “more equal than the others.” And I’m just real sure Mr. Vacationer-in-Chief considers himself more equal than anyone else on earth, except for maybe Thunderthighs or Billy Ayers.

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    Tommy needs a good spanking and his filthy mouth washed out with soap. But he (it) isn’t totally to blame; he is just parroting the denigration of America as practiced by our Divider-in-Chief.

  4. Crusader Mark says:

    If he’s a Norwegian, then I’m a Ubangi!

  5. H Hazell says:

    I suspect that Tommy has no use for the butter, or for the sausages, in his cooking.

  6. Chris in NC says:

    What if I come to your house and take your butter?

    Well, we’d shoot your ass. That’s what.

  7. Carlos says:

    Does that mean I’m not Jewish because I don’t look, talk or act like a Jew, Mark? Or Spanish because I don’t look, talk or act like a Spaniard?

    And, at the turn of the last century, how many African-English would have been told they couldn’t be English because they didn’t look, talk or act like an Englishman?

    I fail to see any sense in your statement, Mark, but the person in the video gives every indication of having grown up in a “Nanny and anyone who has anything Owes Me” state. Or maybe that person’s from California? (Sorry, Phineas, I know that’s not you but the chance to take that shot was just too tempting!)

  8. MissJean says:

    I always enjoy a rant by a sexually-ambiguous young person who believes overwrought whinging creates respect. Extra points for calling all Americans fatties and implying that he can take us all in hand-to-hand combat over food.

    Crusader Mark, yes – he’s Norwegian. Ask any Finn. :)

  9. Bill Fabrizio says:


    I’m an American who wants to help. I’m willing to sell you all the butter you want for $100/lb. For orders over 1000 pounds I’ll reduce the price to $90/lb. Please notify your fellow Norwegians to the generosity of an American who wants to help.


  10. Crusader Mark says:

    Obviously, I was referring to the person’s ethnicity. Nationality has little to do to do with ethnicity any longer. The article failed to make that distinction and yes, as someone who can trace his Norwegian roots to the middle of the 8th Century, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And for your information, I long ago had a friend named Carlos who was a Spanish Jew.

  11. Carlos says:

    That’s funny, Mark. So do I! Name’s Joaquin.

  12. Nicholas says:

    You know, this is just a single failure of a single state-run corporation. Generally, the system works really well, but of course, that wouldn’t fit your story…

  13. Phineas says:

    A “single failure by a single state-run corporation” that happens to have a monopoly on the production of an important staple and benefits from high tariffs to prevent competition and keep the price artificially high. And let’s not forget the Norwegian border cops confiscating and destroying butter brought in from outside. Preserving their monopoly is apparently much more important to His Majesty’s (Statist) Government than that His Majesty’s subjects should have butter for the holidays.

    It may just be a single failure, but I argue it’s a graphic illustration of what’s wrong with the Leftist economic model.