Put up ya dukes: It’s Pelosi versus Pelosi

Posted by: ST on December 29, 2011 at 5:26 pm

In an interview with Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra uttered some revealing comments about the possible future political life of one of San Francisco’s favorite far left liberals (hat tip):

Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, told Big Government this week that her mother wants to leave Congress–and that she remains in Washington only at the behest of her campaign donors.

During a telephone interview, Ms. Pelosi–speaking from a friend’s home in New York City–described her mother’s predicament:

“She would retire right now, if the donors she has didn’t want her to stay so badly. They know she wants to leave, though. They think she’s destined for [greatness]. She has very few days left. She’s 71, she wants to have a life, she’s done. It’s obligation, that’s all I’m saying.”

Not so fast, says a spokesman from Pelosi’s office:

Nadeam Elshami, a spokesman for the House minority leader, said it’s simply not true

“This may be wishful thinking on the part of a right-wing blog, but it is totally untrue,” Elshami said. “When the day comes and Leader Pelosi’s work is done, she won’t be announcing it there.”

Alexandra Pelosi didn’t deny uttering the remark but declined to expand in an email to POLITICO.

You gotta love the spin coming from Pelosi’s Congressional camp. First, while it was indeed a “right-wing blog” that published the remarks, but the former House Speaker’s own DAUGHTER made the remarks, not the blog. Secondly, who said anything about Rep. Pelosi “announcing” at Breitbart’s site that she was retiring? Not even Alexandra Pelosi herself treats her comments as any type of “official announcement of retirement” or anything of the sort.

Ms. Pelosi did say in a follow-up text to Big Government that she has not talked to her mother about any of this. Presumably this came after an angry phone call from Mama P, chiding her daughter for letting slip a family secret that is not so secret to her political opposition and that is the fact that Pelosi is indeed beholden to her campaign donors – and very happily so (more here).

That being said, I’m with The Anchoress on this one:

I hate to sound presumptuous, but Madam Speaker, on behalf of many, may I say let-not-your-heart-be-troubled about relieving yourself of obligations you have more than met. Besides, if you stay much longer in congress, someone in power, somewhere — or perhaps maybe even someone in the mainstream press — may finally be inclined to launch some sort of investigation into your extremely profitable tenure in congress.

If you feel you must go, please don’t remain — burdened and unhappy — for our sakes. As Dr. Seuss said to Marvin K. Mooney, “just go, go, go, please do, do do.”

And don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

Amen to that.

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9 Responses to “Put up ya dukes: It’s Pelosi versus Pelosi”


  1. Phineas says:

    Nancy got ObamaCare waivers for some of the biggest, toniest restaurants in San Francisco, saving them tens of thousands in compliance costs. Of course her crony backers in her district don’t want her to leave: not because she’s fighting for the downtrodden, but because she delivers the goods to those who cut her checks.

  2. FrankNitti says:

    the only way we get rid of her is retirement……she was reelected with 81% of the vote……that is insane, she must have been running against charles manson.

  3. Dave B says:

    I think the bigger story is written between the lines. Pelosi doesn’t envision a return to glory as the Speaker in the near future.

  4. Carlos says:

    Why would she leave? That seat and speakership has been worth literally millions to her and her family, none of which will ever be investigated by any media with 1,000 miles of her district.

    Besides, how else could she afford all those botox treatments if not for the solid gold med perk congresspeople give themselves, ostensibly because they are “so important?”

  5. Drew the Infidel says:

    Must be an expensive drug habit. Pelosi is just one brain transplant away from saying something meaningful.

  6. Kate says:

    How else can she afford to stay at $10,000/night hotels in Hawaii?


    Of course, she would then not be in the loop for her inside trading tips if she retired. How else did she get so rich. She is a 1%’er if I ever saw one. Where’s OWS to park on her front lawn?

  7. Norma says:

    Sort of makes you wonder just what those “big donors” who want her to stay in have on her “to do” list. If they’ve already donated, and she hasn’t performed yet, could be might unhappy, or maybe want their money back. Which she’s maybe already spent on that $10,000 a night hotel in Hawaii.

  8. Robert says:

    “She has very few days left.”

    I just like the sound of that. Leftist Queen has “very few days Left.” in fact, I really like that sound of that.

    can we count them down? 11, 10, 9… oh sorry got carried away there.

  9. Carlos says:

    Pelosi v. Pelosi? I’d wager my neighbor’s farm that Pelosi will win that one! (But only if I don’t have to put a first name to it.)

    Sounds like her daughter’s as loyal to her as Johnny Mac’s was/is to him. What is it about politicians that not only brings out the worst in them, but in their kids oftentimes, too?