SC DMV chief says as many as 900 dead people may have voted in SC elections

Posted by: ST on January 12, 2012 at 7:22 pm

Via The State Newspaper by way of the Charlotte Observer:

COLUMBIA The S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles director estimates more than 900 dead people may have voted, and his data has been turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division for investigation.

DMV Director Kevin Schwedo testified Wednesday before an S.C. House subcommittee that his staff analyzed the records of more than 239,000 voters who do not have an S.C. driver’s license or identification card, and discovered that about 37,000 of them were dead.

Analysts used records from the S.C. Election Commission, the S.C. Department of Vital Statistics and the Social Security Administration, Schwedo said. His office determined that about 957 people could have voted after they had died but said there could be data-reporting problems or other errors that would make the number lower.

Schwedo did not say when those questionable votes may have been cast – whether over the past 20 years or two years. He said he examined the data because he wasn’t satisfied with what was being presented by the S.C. State Election Commission.

Schwedo’s testimony comes just weeks after the U.S. Department of Justice rejected South Carolina’s law. Under the law, people would have to show a state-issued driver’s license or ID card, a military ID or a U.S. passport to vote. However, the Justice Department determined the law would discriminate against black voters, who more often do not have a photo ID, and it ruled that the state had done nothing to demonstrate a need for the law.

State Attorney General Alan Wilson announced his intentions to file a lawsuit against the Justice Department. Wilson’s office issued a press release Wednesday to say it had requested a SLED investigation of Schwedo’s findings.

Bbbbut Voter ID laws are raaaaaaaaaaaaacist, didntcha know?! 8-|

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7 Responses to “SC DMV chief says as many as 900 dead people may have voted in SC elections”


  1. But, but, but how do you know that all of these dead people voted for Democrats? :)

  2. A desert rat says:

    In one 24 hour period we have this report in SC, 900 voter fraud, after the NH primary where Project Veritas video taped using recently dead people’s ID voting in primary. Then DHS bust 50 for using/selling Puerto Rico IDs to illegal aliens. Somebody confront Wasserman-Schultz who sees nothing. In Chicago it is said that the iron fence around the cemetary is a republican plot to disenfranchise minority voters buried there.:-?

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    Sounds like ballot box #13 from South Texas that propelled LBJ (famous Commiecrat) into the legislature.

  4. Brontefan says:

    Are you kidding, Dana? The differences between liberals and conservatives is widening as I type! We have now reached a time in my life [and I am over 60] where it is acceptable to LIE OPENLY on TV and NO ONE will call you on this! I suppose we can blame Dan Rather for opening the door to lie, cheat, or steal–just as long as you win! Because the MSM is so corrupted and overwhelming Progressive… the American public HAS doesn’t have a “press” looking out for them. If it weren’t for Sister Toldjah, conservative talk radio, Fox News [and sometimes they don’t get it right either!], and the Internet—-many of us would feel we had not voice at all. The amount of voter fraud has tripled –with SEIU in Nevada [Sharon Angle was 5% ahead the day before the election.] and ACORN or agencies like them… no one really knows who is voting and who is CHEATING. We live in a country NOW where tax dollars openly go to LIBERAL organizations that spew their ideology–even though some American taxpayers are conservative. e.g. Planned Parenthood, NPR, PBS

  5. Tex says:

    The Obama administration will fight the picture ID thing to the death, no matter what evidence is presented in favor of requiring it, since the Democratic Party depends on tens of thousands of dead voters every election to just squeak past the Republican Party.

  6. Carlos says:

    Part of that is the fault of the Repubs themselves, Tex, for losing their spines, all in the interest of “getting along.”

    My daddy used to tell me to pick my fights carefully because some things just aren’t worth fighting over.

    When I grew up I discovered that honesty really is one of the things always worth the fight. Maybe that’s why the Repubs don’t call the jackasses on it, because that’s what they are – politicians, and part of the definition of a real politician is that he/she is a liar.

  7. Kate says:

    All you zombies show your faces, all you people on the street….all you living in high places…the rain is gonna fall on you!

    I think the Hooters were writing about voter fraud and politicians!

    Dead men voting time….Dead men signing petitions….I see dead people everywhere….Sixth Sense of the electorate.