Tell me again why you’d vote to reelect Obama?

Posted by: Phineas on January 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm

**Posted by Phineas

When he has a record like this?

America Before President Obama Took Office and Now

Before Now Change
Number of Unemployed1 12.0 Million 13.1 Million +9%
Long-Term Unemployed2 2.7 Million 5.6 Million +107%
Unemployment Rate3 7.8% 8.5% +9%
“High Unemployment” States4 22 43 +95%
Misery Index5 7.83 11.46 +46%
Price of Gas6 $1.85 $3.39 +83%
“Typical” Monthly Family Food Cost7 $974 $1,013 +4%
Median Value of Single-Family Home8 $196,600 $169,100 -14%
Rate of Mortgage Delinquencies9 6.62% 10.23% +55%
U.S. National Debt10 $10.6 Trillion $15.2 Trillion +43%

Source: House Ways and Means Committee (1)

The only reasons I can think of for voting to reelect this miserable Socialist failure are:

  • One actually likes what Obama is doing and believes these trends are a necessary price to pay to transform the nation and that “more cowbell” is the solution. In other words, a progressive;
  • One is addicted;
  • One is simply ignorant.

Forget Obama’s disastrous energy policies that will beggar the poor and the middle classes; forget his topsy-turvy foreign policy that slaps friends, hugs enemies, and makes the world a more dangerous place; forget his arrogance and his contempt for the Constitution, adherence to which is at the heart of our common bargain.

And forget that you’re unhappy with the Massachusetts Moderate, the Angry Muffin, or Mr. Sweater Vest, based on what they might do in office.

Forget all that.

Looking at the numbers above, which represent the president’s record, tell me how could any rational voter who cares about the fate of the United States of America and, indeed, the future of the world make a positive case to vote to reelect Barack Obama?


via Joel Pollak (2)

UPDATE: And here’s a nice graphic courtesy of Pirate’s Cove that further illustrates the point:

(Click the Pirate’s Cove link for the full-sized version.)

(1) Yeah, a Republican-controlled committee. So what? Statistics can be manipulated. And? Show me how those numbers are wrong.
(2) Who tried to unseat “Red” Jan Schakowsky in 2010 and is considering running again. Go, Joel!

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7 Responses to “Tell me again why you’d vote to reelect Obama?”


  1. Chris in N.Va. says:

    The committed Obamaniac would look at the first chart and exclaim with glee, “Wow, look at all the pluses in the last column! It just shows how much the country has grown under the beneficent rule of our Dear Leader!”

    “Say, where’s the grape Kool-Aid?”

    *gulp, gulp, gulp*

  2. Chris in NC says:

    Don’t forget the downgraded credit rating…

  3. Carlos says:

    As the kool-aid set will say, a good portion of each of those categories can be laid at the feet of GW and the “leadership” that allowed it to happen on his watch.

    OTOH, I seem to remember that RR had the economy well on its way to recovery about this time in 1984, as opposed to Mr. Obama who keeps telling us the economy is now in recovery, albeit a weak one, but it’s gonna be better, especially if you give me four more years to fine-tune it!

    Heck, even FDR couldn’t keep the capitalist economy down. All he needed was a world war to let it turn itself around, though. Hopefully Mr. Obama isn’t planning on the same strategy…

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    This is the change we were promised. As for hope, you can hope in one hand and crap in the other and see which one gets full the fastest, can’t you?

  5. Bubba says:

    These arguments relate mainly to the economy. While that is important enough, what is frequently forgotten in the argument is the future of the military and the Supreme Court (for starters).
    It may take only a minority of GOP-conservative-rightwing voters to sit out the election (because they didnt get their supported nominee) to ensure an Obama second term.

    There will be vacancies on the SCOTUS in the next four years. Obama would, without doubt, stock it with radicals. Think about it: the Keller and McDonald rulings just barely squeaked through on a 5-4 score. If Obama gets the chance to heavy up the left end of the court, those cases would be re-visited and reversed – count on it.
    A second Obama term would end with a SCOTUS that will easily rubber-stamp the nullification of the 2nd amendment, private property rights and the very sovereignty of the nation. And that is, like I said, just for starters.

    Jilted Mitt-fans, pouting Newtonians and psycho Paulians are gonna feel really stupid – when the Obama administration morphs from the current disaster into MadMax on HeeHaw.

  6. Genaicin says:

    The overlooked problem is this: What if the electable candidate leaves all the 2008 – 2021 Presidential and Congressional actions in place and opts to continue with minor tweaks?

  7. Lorica says:

    Wow that is alot of change for your 5 trillion dollars!! LOL – Lorica