Profiles in how black conservatives are treated by “tolerant” black liberals

We all know black conservatives have it worse than most other conservatives when it comes to how they are treated by the more militant members of the political opposition – especially by black liberals. Stray from the group-think mentality even just a little bit, and all of a sudden you’re an “Oreo” or an “Uncle Tom” or a “traitor to your race”, etc. It’s disgusting, but unfortunately it’s also tolerated by white liberals because they’re so desperate to retain their hold on the black vote.

With that in mind, read this post and watch the accompanying video about black conservative Charlotte Bergman, a candidate for Congressional office in Tennessee’s 9th District (a “safe” Democrate district for decades) who gets treated like garbage by a black radio host who goes so far as to tell her he doesn’t want her to shake his hand because he’s afraid the “whiteness” will rub off on him.

Let’s just imagine for five seconds this were a white conservative using that kind of humiliating rhetoric against Bergmann. Yeah, I know.

Her response, on Facebook:

Is this the way many black women are treated in Memphis, throughout our nation? Could this be the reason there is a break down in many of the black families whose young people give up and end up in jail, in gangs, on drugs and eventually hardened enough to murder another human being?

Can we wonder why 42% of our young give up on school and on their futures?

I think we are now looking at the core of the problem. We are looking at abuse, not in the confines of a home, but in the confines of a small studio. A huge black man intimidating a woman who loves her community and only wanted to have a chance to speak to that community and to provide hope for a better life.

According to The Blaze, Bergmann has been invited to CPAC to talk about her experience. Good for her. If she goes, I hope she uses the opportunity to talk about her platform, which sounds pretty darned good to me.

And here they say it’s the conservatives who are “intolerant” of differing opinions?? Now, I’m sure the Rev. Al and NOW will be all over this one in condemnation of Thaddeus Matthews’ despicable treatment of Bergmann. Uh huh.

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