The best response yet to #PPact’s thuggish anti-#Komen tactics + my take :)

Posted by: ST on February 3, 2012 at 10:12 pm

Read this in FULL. Please. (Hat tip: Memeorandum)

I had planned on writing the epic rants of all epic rants tonight, which would have probably have included some uncharacteristic profanity on my part, but I’ve mellowed a bit as the night has gone on – which is probably a good thing, and Daniel Foster’s piece is pretty definitive.

What I would add to what Foster wrote above is this:

Point of clarification: The Komen Foundation is not “pro-life” and are arguably not “pro-choice”.  Steve Ertelt at Life News makes a good point about that here:

FACT:  Komen is not a pro-life organization.

When Komen announced its decision to change its policy to not funding organizations that are under formal investigation or that act as pass-through agencies rather than providing direct support for women’s health, some pro-life advocates went beyond merely thanking them and acted as if Komen had suddenly become a pro-life group worthy of unreserved support. It is not.

Komen is, or is attempting to be, an abortion-neutral organization. As such, it will likely continue making decisions that disappoint pro-life advocates as it attempts to find a non-existent middle ground in the debate between those who cherish the right to life of unborn children and the well-being of their mothers and those who favor their destruction.

If you want to put your trust fully in an organization that has as its only mission the betterment of the health of women and unborn children, support your favorite pro-life group (or LifeNews) or your local pregnancy center.

Yep, although I think in the context of an outfit like Komen that it is arguable they can’t be neutral on the issue of abortion for purposes of fundraising and donations (I’m sure Steve will disagree with me on that!).  Very likely, they’re tired of being “in the middle” and want to get out of the controversy altogether and do what they do best, which is to fight breast cancer. For years they’ve been under pressure from pro-life groups to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood, and even though their stated reason this week for halting that ‘tradition’ of sorts was due to Planned Parenthood being under investigation, it’s hard to believe that the pressure from pro-lifers (not to mention the fact that their vice-president is pro-life) didn’t impact its’ decision to a measurable extent.  On the flip side, this week Planned Parenthood responded by utilizing its’ high degree of power and influence over the easily manipulated in order to – with the despicable help of Democrat politicos coming down on a PRIVATE organization – to bully, shame, and intimidate Komen into doing a reversal of sorts (although the level of reversal is up for debate at this point), even going so far as to actively encourage people NOT to contribute to an organization whose whole mission is to eradicate breast cancer.

Zapping breast cancer is a women’s health issue, right?

Photo courtesy of Kurt Rogers/SF ChronicleOf course it is, but as we all know abortion is the mother of all issues for so-called “women’s health” groups like Planned Parenthood and the like.  It’s how they make their money – by touting their “pro-choice” credentials and stirring up divisiveness – especially during a crucial election year – which is exactly what’s happened here. What’s also established fact now is that “women’s  health” is code for “abortion” with the pro-abortion crowd. And Planned Parenthood demonstrated this week is that, above all else, in their minds the “right” to terminate a developing unborn child at any stage of development is more essential to a woman’s health and well-being than treating and trying to find cures for a top killer of women: breast cancer.

That Planned Parenthood made a special point to influence their supporters not to donate any more to Komen out of pure spite just proves what pro-lifers have said all along about them and where their real priorities reside: Not with breast cancer sufferers or any other major women’s health issue instead but with women who want to abort their unborn child because they’d rather finish college first,  or because it would impact their careers, etc.   In essence, Komen is saying here that women who have a choice as to what to do about their “health issue” (unborn baby) should take priority over women who don’t have a choice over their health issue (breast cancer).

It’s a pretty stunning accusation, isn’t it? But it is dead-on accurate.

Pro-choicers would say that Planned Parenthood is doing the same thing that pro-life groups do: Encouraging people not to donate due to disagreements over practices, but that’s not accurate in this case because pro-lifers have an issue-based reason for not supporting Planned Parenthood: Every dime of money that goes to them even earmarked for something else is money that frees up use of the “private” money they use to perform abortions (the last stats I saw on the number of abortions they performed was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 a YEAR – certainly not “rare”).  The idea is to make it so Planned Parenthood has no choice but to cut back on its’ abortion services in order to provide other health services for women. In short, it’s an effort to get PP to re-prioritize how they use their money, as well as to make the point that  an unborn baby is not a “health issue” – it’s a living, developing child that most likely will not cause health issues down the road for any woman.   Cosmetic “issues”, yes – but health issues, more often than not – no.

On the flip side, what is Planned Parenthood doing?  This outfit, famous world-wide for it’s so-called “commitment” to “women’s health issues like abortion and breast cancer”, demonizes and uses bullying tactics, including utilizing their powerful tools in the government (20+ Democrat Senators, for starters) to try and intimidate leading-breast-cancer researcher Komen into changing their minds. And in the midst of it all, their plan was clear and open: You don’t continue donating to us, we’ll work to try to make it to where you don’t get a dime of money from anyone.  Translation: No matter the good work you’ve done in the past, we’ll put you out of business.  Maybe your clients will then come see US, even though we don’t even PROVIDE mammograms and breast cancer screens!

It’s extremely important to understand how dangerous this was and is: They didn’t want people to stop donating to Komen because Komen had all of a sudden gone pro-life (they hadn’t), and they didn’t want people to stop donating to Komen because Komen was no longer offering breast cancer services (they still do).  They wanted people to stop donating to Komen – a word-leader in cancer research – because Komen wanted to stop giving money to them.

And if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t understand the distinction between boycotting an organization on an issues-basis versus urging people to boycott it because they’ve pulled some of your funding that you damn well know you can get elsewhere (yeah, PP already raised enough this week to take care of an entire year – roughly the amount they would get from Komen), then I really can’t help you.  Same same for anyone who doesn’t see the rank hypocrisy of a “women’s health” group like PP essentially trying to have shut down one of the premier providers of breast cancer treatment and research out of  pure, b*tchy spite.

Planned Parenthoood: “Pro-choice” – unless you’re a private organization that chooses to stop giving them money that make’s it easier for them to provide elective abortions.  Then it’s game on!   This week’s shameful actions by Planned Parenthood should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about these parasites to decency and humanity – that is, if you didn’t know already.

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10 Responses to “The best response yet to #PPact’s thuggish anti-#Komen tactics + my take :)”


  1. dunce says:

    How many breast cancer screenings in fact do they do as opposed to their claims? How many breast cancers have they detected? Some pro-life women should go into every planned parenthood location and ask for a breast cancer screening ,not an exam which might be done by someone without any real training.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    It will be a blue day in Hell before I ever sympathize with the Komen foundation. Their chameleon politics leave me feeling disgusted. I once was prohibited from joining and contributing money to one of their races because I am a man, though two of my high school classmates lost their dad to breast cancer.

  3. Dennis says:

    “…that women who have a choice as to what to do about their “health issue” (unborn baby) should take priority over women who don’t have a choice over their health issue (breast cancer).”

    Excellent analysis! As usual Sister, you’re rockin’ it!

    Keep it up.

  4. RickS says:

    This whole thing has been very educational. I’ve participated in 5Ks and walk-a-thons for SGK before but had no idea my time and money was going to provide abortions. I’m finished with SGK.

  5. lui says:

    very well put. you nailed this week on all fronts of your post.

    when the left talks about the “industrial complex” I notice they never talk about the abortion mill mega-giant PlanParent.

    PP has become a nation, an organism, a party, a god, an addiction unto itself. Is there anyway to stop the blood letting of abortionism? its as if it this philosophy knows no political/legal end or no moral bounds.

    so disheartening :(

    sad cheers…

  6. Sandy says:

    This is calming and logical, but I am afraid our enemy- liberal democrats, are not so logical. We can”t beat them if we are using logic. She how easily they turned on their own. This should scare everyone how quickly the propaganda spread through the main steam media as fact. Komen’s side was never given. Whoever runs against Obama will get this treatment. I wish we could organize a MSM boycott so no one watched them on a certain night. They destroy a target then ignore them. They did it to the tea party, Michelle Bachman and others. Everyday they try to include a little story about occupy to keep them relavent. They have banned any story on the tea party so its supporters feel isolated and irrelevant. We need to keep the house this fall or it will be a fast decline.

  7. Bravo Sister, spot on. No society can call itself civilized that murders a million or more babies a year. That PP is allowed to wield such influence is unbelievable. That Komen’s organization can not or will not send a strong message, at least picking a side and standing by it speaks volumes.

    O.T. I am amazed that this site is not more highly trafficked, the quality of the writing is top notch. I always expect to see a hundred responses to any given article. Keep up the good work.

  8. DaveH says:

    Interesting long-term consequence for the Planned Infanticide crew….

    If an organization or individual is considering a significant financial commitment to Planned Parenthood, the Komen dust-up should give them pause…Planned Parenthood went into full attack mode, trying to destoy Komen and wreck Komen’s financial support….Looks like Planned Parenthood is prepared to force such a donor to make a lifetime commitment…or ELSE! NOT a smart move, long term…

    One add’l point: The Left really showed its priorities on this one, flooding to PP’s aid as they did. When forced to choose between destroying the most successful and well-known breast cancer (women’s health) organization and killing babies, the Left enthusiastically chose dead babies.

  9. Kate says:

    The troubling aspect is that this is no more a charitable act by the SGK foundation, but a mandate from the politically correct abortionists. As PP has forced SGK’s hand to continue pouring money into an organization that, in fact, does not do the kind of breast care screenings (mammograms) that actually detect cancers. I fear that this is just an initial salvo as now Obama is after the Roman Catholic Church in America for not effectively supplying birth control to anyone who works for them even though it is against church dogma.

    Is this the beginning of public humiliation and intimidation of anyone who does not follow the progressive politically correct stances in their public life now, in our private lives later?

  10. Michael Teuber says:

    The soon to be Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s 2012 Woman of the Year weighed in on this on Facebook as well.

    Kate, pay the jizya or pay the price. Submit. Islam Progressivism is the only way.